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(January 10, 2002, Gazette)

The name calling, the insults. His attempts to try and bait me on the basis that I am supposed to have a thin skin. I’m not susceptible to that kind of thing. But I found it embarrassing for him as premier of the province. Why is he engaged in name calling?

— Provincial Progressive Conservative Leader Danny Williams (BA’69) in a look back on 2001, his first year in the House of Assembly.

Retired teacher Diane M. Hawco (BA/B.Ed.’82) was awarded a Newfoundland and Labrador Volunteer Medal from Lieutenant-Governor Max House in November 2001 as the female recipient for Stephenville/Port au Port Electoral District.

I haven’t seen any reason to change my mind at this point.

— Premier Roger Grimes’ (B.Ed.’72, B.Sc.’72, M.Ed.’88) current position on calling a provincial election in 2002.

No matter how much money you have, or how many things you have in life, unless you have your health, you really don’t have anything at all. Every day you’re here and you’re happy is a day to celebrate, really.

— Lesley Castella-Bourne (B.Mus.’99, B.Mus.Ed.’99, B.S.Ed.’00) on her outlook on life after battling and surviving cancer.

Every Sunday I go up to the deli on the corner and the guy gives me a free cup of coffee because he knows my face. I’m a regular. I can walk down the street and say ‘Hi’ and people have a little chat with you. That aspect of New York has been brought together more so lately.

— Thomas Belbin (B.Sc.’90, PhD’99) on how the Sept. 11 tragedy has changed the daily experience of living in New York City, where he is currently researching cancerous tumours as a postdoctoral fellow with Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Here’s this novel, set in 19th century London, which will be read on palm pilots and these things like you would have seen on Star Trek.

— Writer JoAnne Soper-Cook (B.A.’98) on the irony of publishing of her newest novel, Cold-Blooded Scoundrel, on the Internet.

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