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(February 7, 2002, Gazette)

After all, anything – even being in a musical alongside the people you usually gave wedgies and whirlies to – was better than trying to figure out what x meant in the equation 2x + 73y = 6-49.

—Steve Bartlett (BA’92), editor of the Express, comes clean on his true reasons for participating in high school drama in the late ‘80s. Mr. Bartlett recently signed on for his first stage action since his Herdman Collegiate days in Corner Brook – a “major role” in The Real Thing by playwright Tom Stoppard, running from Feb. 6-9 at the LSPU Hall in St. John’s.

Heather Manuel (B.Sc.’94, M.Sc.’96) recently took first place in the women’s middleweight division of the 2001 Newfoundland and Labrador Bodybuilding Competition.

I believed that I was blessed to receive so much from family, community and country, so I decided to give something back so that others, often less fortunate, could benefit as well.

— John O’Brien (B.Comm.’82 ), CEO of St. John Ambulance, on the motivation behind his extensive volunteer work which has landed him, among other awards, the Order of St. John from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the 125th Anniversary of Confederation Medal.

Because so many of us leave home, I wanted to provide a venue for everyone to stay connected while living abroad ... to keep you informed of interesting things that Newfoundlanders are doing around the world ... to track down long lost friends and find out who is living in your area ... to facilitate a way to support Newfoundland-owned businesses and services abroad.

Nicole Maunder (B.Comm.’94) on her well-visited Web site for expatriate (and homesick!) Newfoundlanders,

It’s an issue for business, it’s an issue for government, it’s an issue for educators, that we have to do something about the status of women.

Lorraine Michael (B.Ed.’70), executive director of the Women in Resource Development Committee, at the launch of Techsploration, a program designed to raise awareness among Grade 9 females about the lack of women represented in certain professions, and to encourage them to pursue non-traditional career choices.