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(April 11, 2002, Gazette)

Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago
Fish sampling station at Logy Bay
April 1972
— The Marine Sciences Research Laboratory lowers a new fish sampling station into 110 feet of water at Logy Bay this month. The sinking was done from the Canadian Coast Guard Ship, Bartlett. The station, measuring five feet in diameter, with a volume of 32 cubic feet, is attached to a 5,500-pound steel platform. It will serve as an area for researchers to better study fish underwater.

25 years ago
Telemedicine experiment launched
April 1977 — Memorial’s telemedicine project is launched this month when a closed-circuit hookup via the communications satellite Hermes links Ottawa, St. John’s, Goose Bay, Labrador City, St. Anthony and Stephenville. Included in the hour-and-a-half opening ceremonies was an exchange of greetings by government, university, hospital, technical officials and guests assembled at those points; a question-and-answer period concerning the project’s capabilities; and a description and demonstration of one of the kinds of programs that will be presented during the 12-week experimental period.

20 years ago
New logo for Memorial
April 1981
— The Board of Regents approves the adoption of a new university logo, based on the coat of arms granted the university by the College of Heralds. The new logo is modernized and simplified, and will be outlined in gold. The words “Memorial University of Newfoundland,” which borders three sides of the logo, will be printed in black. The logo is a simplified version of three books clasped and bound in gold with Memorial’s shield and the lines of the cross moline in the centre. The new logo was created by university designer Ian Stewart.

15 years ago
Aiding technology transfer
April 1987
— Memorial’s Seabright Corporation now has an expanded mandate that includes the encouragement and facilitation of technology developments for all areas of the university. The Office of Technology Transfer, initially set up within the Office of Research, has been merged with Seabright to help achieve this. David Grenville, a consultant on policy and project planning, is the new acting president of Seabright.

10 years ago

Astronauts speak at Memorial
April 1992
— Astronauts Roberta Bondar and Ken Money visit Memorial early this month and speak to a packed house of children and adults at the main auditorium of the medical school. Dr. Bondar’s talk featured video footage that vividly illustrated her recent space shuttle mission. A small flag of Memorial, which travelled on the space flight, was presented to president Arthur May as part of a mounted display with photographs from the flight.

Five years ago
New degree at Grenfell
April 1997
— Senate approves a new option for the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College bachelor of arts program. The new BA in historical studies differs from the BA in history offered in St. John’s in that students in the new program must take at least four courses in the early Western experience and at least four in the later Western experience, giving them some study over the whole spectrum. The history degree offered on the St. John’s campus allows students to choose almost all of the courses for their major from one particular area of history, for example Canadian history