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(April 11, 2002, Gazette)

"The word Newfie is today associated with ‘stupid Newfie’ jokes, ‘stupid Newfie’ so-called souvenirs, and the stereotype image of a beer-swizzling, semi-illiterate dolt who lives on government handouts and spends as little time working as he can. I know the image is false. You know it too. But the vast majority of other Canadians do not. Say the word Newfie Upalong and all too often that’s what they see."

— Ed Smith (M.Ed. ‘81) in his column The View from Here published in the April edition of the Downhomer.

"Everybody thought that their region or their nation had something absolutely distinct that nobody else had …. And of course as folklore emerged more and more as a kind of comparative science they realized that, in fact, there was very little that was truly distinctive of any particular region or nation."

— Dr. Martin Lovelace, Folklore, in an interview with Cathy Finn and published in the April edition of the Downhomer.

"One concern is that there’s this wonderful archive that colleagues in folklore and students in folklore have developed for many decades. As most archives are, this one is available if you know how to get to the university and how to use archival materials. We’re concerned with how to make that material more accessible."

— Beverly Diamond recently named senior research chair in traditional music and ethnomusicology at MUN commenting in an interview with Mark Vaughn-Jackson, March 30 issue of The Telegram.

"I don’t see any other way of doing it. You’re talking about a situation that we really cannot change. We have to fly. It’s very difficult to compare our budget to somebody else’s on the mainland because they don’t fly."

— Todd Aughey, head coach for the Men’s basketball team commenting on the fact that 80 per cent of Memorial University’s varsity budget could be spent on travel expenses quoted in a story by Christina Barfitt, March 22 issue of the muse.

"To me [changing the name of the university] is like erasing a little bit of our history from our memories and kind of taking that away from a structure that has already been named for a reason. We were named because it was a memory to those who fought, not because we became a province."

— Dr. June Harris (BPE ’79, B.Sc. 73 BMS 75, MD ’77) MUN School of Medicine, commenting on the recommendation to change the name of the university to Memorial University, quoted in the Telegram.

"One of the important things this [Winterset] award does is recognize the Newfoundland diaspora. This is the first award in this province that allows Newfoundland writers living away an opportunity to enter their work. I think that’s very important because out-migration is a part of the Newfoundland experience."

— Author Michael Crummy (BA ‘87) speaking to the Rogers Cable news team after winning the Winterset Literary Award Thursday, March 28.

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