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(May 3, 2001, Gazette)

Dr. Stuart Pierson
Dr. Stuart O. Pierson passed peacefully away on April 13, 2001, at
St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital. He leaves to mourn his wife Janet Kergoat, his sons Max, Alexander and Bart, his daughter Rosanna, and many friends and colleagues. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Memorial University for a scholarship fund in his memory.

Dr. Michael F. Nolan
Dr. Michael Nolan, of Salmonier Line, Holyrood (formerly of O’Donnell’s), passed peacefully away at the Health Sciences Centre April 19, 2001.
Dr. Nolan received an honorary doctor of laws degree from Memorial University in 1983. Dr. Nolan was honoured for his work with the provincial wildlife department where he surveyed the Avalon Peninsula caribou herd. Under a conservation plan worked out by noted American biologist Tom Bergerud and managed by Dr. Nolan, the herd went from a few dozen animals to several thousand.