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(May 24, 2001, Gazette)

30 years ago
Administration restructured

May 1971
– The Board of Regents approves a reorganization of the administrative structure of the university. The dean of arts, Dr. Leslie
Harris, is appointed deputy vice-president (academic). He continues to be dean of arts, but will relinquish responsibility for the science departments when a dean of science is appointed. W. H. M. Selby is appointed assistant vice-president for administration while retaining his post as comptroller (bursar). T. C. Noel heads up the new Department of Physical Planning and Development. And the former Department of Information and Alumni Affairs becomes the Division of Public Relations with separate branches responsible for public information services and alumni affairs. G. B. Woodland is the director of public relations.

At spring convocation, five honorary degrees are awarded along with 900 bachelor degrees, 60 masters degrees and two doctorates. The honorary degrees are awarded to the Most Rev. Richard T. McGrath, bishop of St. George’s; Commissioner Clarence Dexter Wiseman, commander for the Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda; Rev. Frederick Albert William Peacock, superintendent of the Moravian Mission, Labrador; Dr. John E. Hodgetts, professor of political science and principal of Victoria College, University of Toronto; and Lister Sinclair, executive producer, arts and sciences, of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

25 years ago
National grants for researchers

May 1976
— Two Memorial researchers are awarded National Institute of Canada grants totalling $51,472 for the current fiscal year. Dr. William Marshall, Immunology, is awarded $25,472 for a study of the immunological factors in the pathogenesis of lymphoma. Dr. P. J. O’Brien, Biochemistry, receives $26,000 for a study on the metabolic activation of polycyclic hydrocarbons on asbestos enhanced carcinogenesis.

At spring convocation, five honorary degrees are awarded: to Dr. John Charles Polanyi, professor of chemistry at the University of Toronto; Dr. Wilfred Templeman, J. L. Paton Professor of Marine Biology and Fisheries at Memorial; Rudolph Duder, retired Canadian diplomat and now assistant to the vice-rector of Concordia University; Frank Archibald Milligan, associate director of the Canada Council; and Dr. Henry Bertram Mayo, distinguished Canadian scholar and teacher.

20 years ago
Six honorary degrees awarded
May 1981
— At spring convocation, six honorary degrees are awarded to Dr. James Milton Ham, president of the University of Toronto; Charles R. Tittemore, president and chief executive officer of the Price Company Limited and executive vice-president of Abitibi-Price Inc; Grace Hue Butt, playwright, producer, literary critic and poet; Dr. James Maurice Stockford Carless, University Professor at the University of Toronto; Arthur R. Lundrigan, president of Lundrigans Limited; and Major Sarah Woodland, a Salvation Army Officer for more than 60 years.

15 years ago
Artists honoured at convocation

May 1986
— At spring convocation, five honorary degrees and about 1,500 other degrees are conferred. Honorary degrees are awarded to Dr. Rudolph Roland Haering, professor of physics at the University of British Columbia; Ethel Brinton, long-time teacher and a key developer in the Anglo-Mexican Cultural Institute; Dr. Mary West Pratt, Canadian artist; Robert E. Oliver, past president of the Association of Canadian Advertisers and a former director of the Canadian Public Relations Society; and the Right Honourable Lord Taylor of Harlow, past president and vice-chancellor of Memorial.

In other news, restraints took on a public and chilling reality for many this month with the announcement of hiring cuts, the end of Channel 13, and the closing of two Extension Services field offices.

10 years ago
General studies hits the road

May 1991
— The Division of General Studies is on the road this month to interview students at the province’s 205 provincial high schools and establish direct contact with students who are headed for Memorial.

Seven honorary degrees and about 1,900 other degrees are conferred at spring convocation this month. The honorary degree recipients are Richard Cashin, who played a key role in founding the Newfoundland Food, Fish and Allied Workers Union; Mario Duschenes, a musician of international stature who has been musical director of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra for six years; Janet E. Halliwell, a distinguished science administrator and chair of the Science Council of Canada; Dr. Shirley M. Stinson, an acknowledged leader in the field of graduate education for nurses; Elizabeth Rosemary Summers, who served Newfoundland as a nursing practitioner, educator, administrator and professional leader; William Whitesides Warner, whose writings on the marine environment enriched the understanding of both scientists and the general public; and Dr. Glyndwr Williams, professor of history at Queen Mary College, University of London, and an expert in both Canadian and Newfoundland history.

Five years ago
New research chair

May 1996
— The university establishes a new chair in telecommunications engineering and information technology this month. Dr. John Robinson is appointed to the new position, and his research program will include work leading to the development of flexible, cost-effective, high performance and human-friendly multimedia communications. The research chair is a joint initiative of Memorial, NewTel Communications, Northern Telecom (Nortel) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

At spring convocation, eight honorary degrees and 1,800 undergraduate and graduate degrees are awarded over eight sessions. One session is held at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook. The honorary degree recipients are Maude Victoria Barlow, political activist, author and policy critic; Timothy Irving Findley, one of Canada’s most outstanding writers; Edward Dawson Ives, a leader in the study of folklore based at the University of Maine; Joseph Kruger II, chairman and chief executive officer of Kruger Inc, a privately owned family pulp and paper company based in Montreal; William Andrew O’Neil, secretary-general of the International Maritime Organization, the United Nations agency concerned with maritime safety and the prevention of pollution from ships; Clyde Kirby Wells, former premier of Newfoundland; and Victor Leyland Young, chairman and chief executive officer of Fishery Products International Ltd.

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