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(June 28, 2001, Gazette)

30 years ago
Medical School and St. Clare’s join to form special units
June 1971
— Three joint appointments between Memorial’s Medical School and St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital will bring doctors of international reputation to St. John’s in connection with the development of services for arthritis and rheumatic diseases, and psychiatric care. Dr. Oliver Vaughan-Jackson, an international authority on the surgical treatment of arthritis, will become professor of orthopedic surgery at Memorial and hold appropriate staff positions at St. Clare’s and other city hospitals. Coupled with this is the appointment of Dr. John R. Martin, who has had extensive experience in rheumatology in Canada. The Rheumatic Diseases Unit at St. Clare’s will be established under the direction of Dr. Martin. St. Clare’s will also expand their services in psychiatric care with the appointment of Dr. Clive Mellor as associate professor of psychiatry at Memorial and chief of psychiatry at St. Clare’s.

In other news, the Extension Service holds two workshops on the province’s west coast, covering such topics as public speaking, community councils, and meetings. Extension representatives spend four days in Cape St. George on the Port au Port Peninsula and two days in Port aux Basques.

25 years ago
Rothermere Fellowships awarded
June 1976
— Two Memorial University graduate students are awarded Rothermere Foundation Fellowships. Priscilla Renouf and Robert Horwood, both of St. John’s, are the recipients of these prestigious awards, given to pursue studies for a British higher degree at a university of their choice in the United Kingdom. Ms. Renouf will continue her studies in archaeology at Cambridge University and Mr. Horwood will pursue studies at the London School of Economics.

20 years ago
Sod turning for new institute
June 1981
— Ceremonies to inaugurate the federally-funded $55.6 million Arctic Vessel and Marine Research Institute are held on the north campus of Memorial University. Representatives of the university, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), and the federal and provincial governments, as well as invited guests view the turning of the sod and unveiling of the site marker. The NRC will build and manage the institute, which will consist of an ice towing tank, an open water towing tank, support facilities for designing and cutting models, a mobile data acquisition system and a data handling capability. The tanks will be used to test performance and seakeeping characteristics of marine models.

In other news, the Faculty of Science hosts the first Newfoundland Regional Science Fair which attracts over 100 exhibits representing the work of more than 160 students from 10 schools int the St. John’s area and five schools in the Exploits Valley area.

15 years ago
Registration revamped
June 1986
— Memorial gears up to deal with registration for the 1986 fall semester, when about 1,300 additional students are expected on campus. The bulk of this year’s increase in registration is expected at the third-year level, which represents the first group of students to complete the revised high school program before entering Memorial. This will create additional demands on senior-level courses necessary for students approaching graduation. Changes for the coming academic year will determine the order in which students are allowed to register based on the student’ academic program, the closeness to graduation or the number of courses completed, and the academic achievement or cumulative grade point average of the student.

10 years ago
Outstanding teachers, research professors named
June 1991
— Four Memorial faculty members receive the most prestigious teaching and research awards the university bestows on serving members of its academic community. Dr. Gordon Bennett, Biology, and Dr. Harry Kiefte, Physics, are named as university research professors. Dr. Brian Gregory, Chemistry, and Dr. Elizabeth Miller, English, are this year’s recipients of the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching.

In other news, the 1991 Lord Rothermere Foundation Fellowship is awarded to Shirley L. Stacey of St. John’s. Ms. Stacey is a master’s candidate in arts and she will begin doctoral studies in 17th century literature in England this fall.

Five years ago
Faculty members receive awards for excellence
June 1996
— Dr. Vit Bubenik, Linguistics, and Dr. Eric Jespers, Mathematics and Statistics, are named university research professors. Dr. John de Bruyn, Physics and Physical Oceanography, receives the President’s Award for Outstanding Research. Dr. Michael Collins, Biology, and Dr. Melvyn Lewis, Mathematics and Statistics, each receive the President Award for Distinguished Teaching.

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