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(July 12, 2001, Gazette)

DR. S. K. SAHA, Faculty of Business Administration, gave a presentation titled Issues in International Human Resource Management: A Comparative Study Between Canada and India, during the Academy of Management annual meeting in Washington, DC. The report was co-authored by Shubhadeep Chaudhury of India. Dr. Saha also co-authored a presentation titled An International Comparison of Managerial Values and HR Decision-making: How are Canadian Managers Different from Irish and Australian Managers?, which was published in Proceedings of the Eastern Academy of Management International Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica, June 17-21, 2001. (Co-authors: David O’Donnell and Thomas Garavan of Ireland, and Stan Mensik of Australia). Dr. Saha also co-authored with Thomas Garavan, David O’Donnell, David McGuire, B. Barnicle of Ireland, and Stan Mensik of Australia, a report titled Managerial Values and Human Resource Decision-making: A Cross-Cultural Study, which was published in Proceedings of HR Global Management Conference-comparative Management-learning from Diversity, ESADE, which took place in Barcelona, Spain, 2001.

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