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(July 12, 2001, Gazette)

Fundamentals of Marketing
By Dr. Jim Barnes

Death by Chocolate
By Dr. Ross Klein

From Red Ochre to Black Gold
By Darrin McGrath

Seafood in Health and Nutrition,
Transformation in Fisheries and Aquaculture: Global Perspectives

By Fereidoon Shahidi

Nitrite Curing of Meat:
The N-Nitrosamine Problem and Nitrite Alternatives

By Fereidoon Shahidi

By Dr. Elizabeth Miller

Atlantic Canada: A Region in the Making
By Drs. James K. Hiller and Margaret R. Conrad

Inheritance, Contact, and Change in Two East African Languages
By Dr. Derek Nurse

Agency and Action in Colonial Africa
Edited by Dr. Chris Youé and Dr. Tim Stapleton

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