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(January 25, 2001, Gazette)

DR. JOHN C. KENNEDY, Anthropology, presented a paper titled Unity and Competition: Coping with Regional Policy in Northern Norway, at the MOST CCPP workshop on Coping Strategies and Regional Policies in the North, at Joensuu, Finland, Nov. 15-19, 2000.

DR. GERARD CURTIS, Visual Arts, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, presented a paper titled Black and White: The Graphic Imagination and the Multivalent Sign in Victorian England at the Image and Imagery: Word and Image International Conference, at Brock University, St. Catherines, Oct. 5-7, 2000. In November he presented a paper titled Transgressive Disciplinarity: Art Excavating Archaeology, Material Culture, and Art History, at the Art for Archaeology’s Sake: Material Culture and Style Across the Disciplines: Chacmool Conference, at the University of Calgary, Nov. 8-11. While at the University of Calgary he also presented two invited papers sponsored by the Art History program and Department of English.

MARCELLA ROLLMANN, German, gave a presentation on her intermediate German Web courses with study-abroad component at the joint annual meeting of the American Association of Teachers of German and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages in Boston, Nov. 19, 2000.

DR. LAURIE K. THOMPSON, Chemistry, attended the Pacifichem 2000 conference in Honolulu in December the presented an invited paper titled Self-assembled Grids and Clusters – Structural and Magnetic Properties, co-authors L. ZHAO, C. J. MATTHEWS, Z. XU and D. O. MILLER, in a symposium devoted to the study of molecular magnetic materials. He co-organized the two-day symposium with colleagues from the United States and Japan.