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(January 25, 2001, Gazette)

Crime Prevention Alert

This monthly report is compiled from information made available by the Campus Enforcement and Patrol unit. CEP is located in the Services Building on Memorial’s St. John’s campus, telephone 737-8561. At Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, the security office is Room AS-280, Arts and Science Building, telephone 637-6310. At the Marine Institute, Ridge Road, telephone 778-0456 to reach the security office.

The figures given below are based on the number of reports made to CEP during November and December 2000. Incidents reported do not necessarily result in criminal charges being laid; this depends on the outcome of an investigation.

 Type of incident  November 2000  December 2000
 Physical assault


 Sexual assault




 Fire alarms






 Disturbances  1  0




 Break and Entry



November 2000
There was an attempted assault at the Health Sciences Centre parking lot Nov. 19 when someone said a driver in a car tried to run her over. No injury was reported.

There were five larceny/theft reports in November. On Nov. 6, a car was stolen from the parking lot of the Fluvarium in Pippy Park. On No. 10, a piece of equipment was stolen from a vehicle parked in the residence parking lot. On Nov. 19, two jackets were stolen from the Phys Ed Building. On Nov. 21, electrical equipment was stolen from a storage room in the Ocean Sciences Centre. And on Nov. 24, a chair was stolen from a lab in the Education Building.

On Nov. 2, there was a report of a forcible entry in the former home of M. O. Morgan on Mount Scio Road.

None of the fire alarms during November involved fire.

On Nov. 29, an intoxicated male was arrested in the University Centre.

On Nov. 27, there was a report of a man exposing himself to walkers on the Long Pond trail. There were no arrests in connection with this report.

There was a report of damage to a vehicle in the parking lot of the Thomson Centre on Nov. 30.

There was a report of broken glass at Burton’s Pond apartments and damage to the Engineering Building on Nov. 19.

There was an alleged threat in the parking lot of the Health Sciences Centre Nov. 15.

December 2000
There was one report of malicious damage in December. On Dec. 4, someone cut a television/VCR cord in Field Hall.

Two panels on a wind break at the University Centre were damaged Dec. 16.

None of the fire alarms in December involved fire.

There were three reports of larceny/theft in December. On Dec. 4, a camera was stolen from the outpatients area of the Health Sciences Centre. On Dec. 5, a cellphone was stolen from a classroom in the Education Building. On Dec. 7, a digital camera was stolen from an office in the Education Building.

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