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(February 8, 2001, Gazette)

Dr. Luise HermanutzDr. Luise Hermanutz, Biology, was awarded $13,500 for her study of population dynamics of balsam fir in TNNP and adjacent managed forest (District 2); Canadian Heritage - Parks Canada.

The following is a list of some members of the university community who have received research contracts. The Office of Research has supplied information about the contract recipient, funding source, contract value, and the research topic. This list is not meant to reflect all of the research going on at Memorial now, but rather who received funding for the months of May, June, July and August, 2000.

BASS, Donald, Engineering; Anti-roll tank for MFV Atlantic Prize; TriNav Consultants Inc.; $3,806.

BASS, Donald, Engineering; Anti-roll tank for MFV Carl Venture; George Petten; $3,806.

BASS, Donald, Engineering; Anti-roll tank for MFV SeaFaring Legend; Alan Starkes; $3,806.

BARRETT, Brendan and HARNETT, John, Medicine; Prograf (tacrolimus) as secondary intervention vs. continuation of cyclosporine in patients at risk for chronic renal allograft failure; Fujisawa Canada Inc.; $72,000.

BECKETT, George and WALSH, Greg, Library — HSC; Oral history project in support of the founder’s archive; Canadian Council of Archives; $5,494.28.

BROWN, Joseph, Ocean Sciences Centre; Rearing and maintenance of juvenile fish; Fisheries and Oceans Canada; $4,800.

BURSEY, Ford and FARDY, John, Medicine; Clinical trial research: HIC Nos. 00.14 and 00.15; Canadian Business; $9,400.

FITZPATRICK, Janet; OLIVER, Ellen; COOPER, Bruce; RYAN, Michelle, Social Work; Enhancing therapeutic services to individuals and families in child, youth and family services: monitoring best practices outcomes; Health and Community Services; $94,500.

GREEN, John, Biology; Habitat assessment of a potential marine protected area using underwater video camera; Fisheries and Oceans Canada; $1,250.

GREEN, John, Biology; Research on cod in Gilbert Bay, Labrador; Fisheries and Oceans Canada; $2,000.

HAEDRICH, Richard, Biology; Environment and social change in the North Atlantic arc (NAArc); National Science Foundation (through the University of New Hampshire); $26,460.

HERMANUTZ, Luise, Biology; Population dynamics of balsam fir in TNNP and adjacent managed forest (District 2); Canadian Heritage - Parks Canada; $13,500.

JACOBS, John and BANFIELD, Colin, Geography; Climate/Snowbed research project; Canadian Heritage — Parks Canada; $5,000.

JACOBS, John, Geography; Research and monitoring for change in the big pond drainage basin, Terra Nova National Park (Phase I); Canadian Heritage — Parks Canada; $5,000.

JORDAAN, Ian, Engineering; Beam bending and fracture behaviour of iceberg ice; National Research Council; $22,000.

JORDAAN, Ian, Engineering; Compressive behaviour of highly confined polycrystalline ice; National Research Council; $22,000.

KOVACS, Christopher and JOYCE, Carol, Medicine; Clinical trial research: HIC No. 00.17; Canadian Business; $175,968.

MACCALLUM, Calvin and ROSE, Barry, Medicine; Clinical study agreement; Proctor and Gamble Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. through Kendle Canada Inc.; $84,825.

MONTEVECCHI, William, Psychology; Seabird and marine mammal surveys on Husky Oil supply vessels; Husky Oil; $7,000.

MONTEVECCHI, William, Psychology; Songbird data analysis project; Forest Resources and Agrifoods; $18,500.

MONTEVECCHI, William, Psychology; Squirrel predation on birds; Canadian Heritage — Parks Canada; $5,000.

MONTEVECCHI, William, Psychology; The feeding ecology of red squirrels in different boreal forest habitats and their interactions with songbirds; Canadian Heritage — Parks Canada; $10,000.

MURRIN, Faye, Biology; Diversity of ectomycorrhizal basidiomycetes in balsam fir sites in TNNP and adjacent managed forest (District 2); Canadian Heritage — Parks Canada; $5,000.

PARRISH, Christopher, Ocean Sciences Centre; Determination of lipid class composition of fiddler crabs; Lockheed Martin Technology Services Group; $8,360.

PATEL, Thakor, Biology; Biodegradation of PCBs; Public Works and Government Services Canada; $21,500.

PRYSE-PHILLIPS, William, Medicine; Clinical trial research: HIC No. 99.89; Foreign Business; $10,576.

RENOUF, Priscilla and BELL, Trevor, Anthropology/Geography; Archaeological Research — Port au Choix; Canadian Heritage — Parks Canada; $25,006.50.

RIGGS, Bert, Centre for Newfoundland Studies; Arrangement and description of archival fonds; Canadian Council of Archives; $4,605.03.

RIGGS, Bert, Centre for Newfoundland Studies; Conservation treatment of the George DesBarats papers; Canadian Council of Archives; $3,542.84.

ROSE, Barry and MACCALLUM, Calvin, Medicine; OAT Study; National Institutes of Health (through St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Institute for Health Sciences); $26,640.

RUTHERFORD, Michael, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College — Environmental Science; Carbon and nitrogen dynamics in disturbed boreal forest soils; Natural Resources Canada — Canadian Forest Service; $6,000.

SUSSEX, Bruce, Medicine; Clinical trial research: HIC No. 00.51; Foreign Business; $68,150.

SUSSEX, Bruce, Medicine; EFC3307: Clopidogrel in unstable angina to prevent recurrent ischemic events; Sanofi-Synthelabo Canada Inc.; $160,000.

TUCK, James and MATHIAS, Cathy, Anthropology; Corrosion analysis of seventeenth-century soils with specific reference to micro-biological impact; Atomic Energy of Canada Limited; $5,000.

TUCK, James and MATHIAS, Cathy, Anthropology; Conserving seventeenth-century material culture for Ferryland, Newfoundland; Canadian Heritage through Canadian Museums Association; $9,660.

VEITCH, Brian, Engineering; Wave accelerated erosion; National Research Council; $22,000.

WILLIAMS, Mary, Engineering; Iceberg evolution model — field observation; National Research Council; $22,000.

WOLINETZ, Steven, Political Science; Youth International Internships; Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT); increase $75,000; Revised value: $225,000.

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