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(February 22, 2001, Gazette)

Career Odyssey begins here

Sarah Anthony (L) and Denise BurkeSarah Anthony (L) and Denise Burke are the co-ordinators of the Career Odyssey 2001 program.

By David Sorensen

Students looking forward to graduation but not the soon-to-follow job hunt have a new ally on campus. Career Odyssey is a pilot project of the Centre for Career Development that helps new grads prepare resumes and refine job search skills, and hooks them up with potential employers to learn how to get a job straight from the source.

Sarah Anthony and Denise Burke are the co-ordinators of the Career Odyssey 2001 program. They explain that the main focus of the project is to help students develop their job search skills.

Seminars have been held with the RCMP and CSIS, and new seminars are scheduled with the Canadian Forces and X-Wave, an Aliant company.

As more students get involved, the coordinators will get their feedback to see which other employers the students prefer to hear from.

“First priority for the seminars goes to upcoming grads, but everyone is welcome to fill the extra spaces,” said Ms. Anthony. If the first couple of seminars are any indication, the program is something in which students are interested. About 15 students booked space for the seminar with the RCMP, but more than 70 showed up.

Seminar speakers describe career opportunities within their fields, and what educational background and skills they want in potential employees.

Co-ordinators Anthony and Burke will continue the pilot project until June. Depending on how students react, it may continue beyond the summer.

“The services have been here for students in the Centre for Career Development, but they’re not always publicized enough,” said Ms. Burke. “The resources needed to be focussed specifically for new grads and their transition into the workforce.”

There will be a seminar with X-Wave on March 8 and another with Canadian Forces March 15. The seminars will be held at 12:30 p.m. in the Arts Annex, room A-1046.

There is a resume and cover letter workshop March 7 and a seminar on interview skills March 9, both in the MUNSU chambers, UC-2002, from 12-1 p.m.

For more information, call 737-3202 or 737-3582.

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