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(November 30, 2000, Gazette)

Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago
Residence fees increase

December 1970 — A residence fee increase of $30 per semester will come into effect next September, bringing the total cost of board and lodging at Paton College to $380 per semester for double occupancy rooms, and $405 per semester for single rooms. University President Lord Taylor said there are no plans to increase tuition fees in the 1971-72 year.

In other news, Augustus George Lilly is nominated Newfoundland Rhodes Scholar for 1971. A graduate of Brother Rice High school in St. John’s, Mr. Lilly graduated from Memorial in May of 1970, and is now studying at the University of Alberta in Edmonton towards his MA in English. He will continue to Oxford University in late 1971 where he will read for an honours degree in law.

25 years ago
Symposium on geriatrics

December 1975 — The consideration of a blueprint for a community-based geriatrics program for Newfoundland’s elderly was the theme of a recent symposium held at Memorial. The 10 member organizing committee representing sponsoring groups was chaired by
Dr. Keith Hodgkin, Medicine. Eight experts in geriatrics from Canadian centres and one from Britain spoke at the seminar and met a group of invited representatives from all over the province.

20 years ago
C-CORE moves to a new building

December 1980 — For the first time since its early days five years ago, the various parts of C-CORE’s operation were brought together this month in a new building. Construction was funded by the provincial government. C-CORE’s new two-story building also houses the Ocean Engineering Information Centre and INSTRUMAR Ltd. There have also been changes in C-CORE’s research program. One major project, the Remote Estimation of Sea Ice, is practically complete and the Airborne Impulse Radar System resulting from it has just had its first test flight in support of the application for Ministry of Transport approval. As that project winds down, C-CORE is beginning a new program in the use of high-frequency radar.

15 years ago
Hiring restraint at Memorial

December 1985 — Hiring at the university is now being restricted to essential positions only in an attempt to reduce operating costs and balance the current budget. Dr. Leslie Harris, Memorial’s president, says the restrictions on hiring will remain in effect at least until the end of this fiscal year.

In seasonal news, the International Student Society prepare for a Newfoundland Christmas with decorations from their own countries and a number of parties planned.

10 years ago
25th anniversary of ISER books

December 1990 — The Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) books is planning to celebrate a quarter-century of important publishing in the coming year. Book displays and other events are planned, and ISER’s editor, Dr. Robert Paine, says original titles issued by ISER are now considered classics. They were known as the Blue Books, and covered an array of topics from Communities in Decline, an Examination of Household Resettlement in Newfoundland by Noel Iverson and Ralph Matthews to Cato Wadel’s Now, Whose Fault is That?, which dealt with unemployment and self-esteem.

At the Faculty of Medicine, construction of the Terry Fox Cancer Research Laboratories is now complete and the three researchers who share the 4,500 square feet of open space are pleased with the results. At a recent open house, Drs. Jon Church, Laura Gillespie and Gary Paterno guided visitors around the laboratories and adjoining offices and talked about their plans to work together on basic cancer research.

Five years ago
Eco-research project holds feedback meeting in Catalina

December 1995 — Researchers from Memorial’s, multi-disciplinary eco-research project – Sustainability in a Changing Cold Ocean Coastal Environment – hosted a town hall meeting in Catalina early this month. The researchers wanted to present some of their ongoing findings from the three-year project, which is now in its second year. Community involvement has been a priority for the study from the beginning, both as an integral part of the project — there is a large amount of field work being done – and because one of the ultimate beneficiaries of the study will be the communities themselves.

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