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(August 9, 2001, Gazette)

For more information about the items below or to request application materials, contact Elaine Whelan at the Office of Research, 737-8251 or e-mail

SSHRC initiative on the new economy
SSHRC has announced three more programs under its Initiative on the New Economy (INE). These programs are: (1) INE research grants with application deadlines of Oct. 15, 2001, 2002, 2003; (2) INE research alliances with letter of intent deadlines of Dec. 7, 2001, and Dec. 6, 2002; (3) INE collaborative research initiatives with letter of intent deadlines of Nov. 9, 2001, and Nov. 8, 2002. The research grants program offers grants of up to $100,000 a year over a three-year period, while the research alliances program offers a maximum of $300,000 a year for three years and the collaborative research initiative offers a maximum of $3 million over four-year period. Full details of the INE initiative and its five component programs are available at

Workshops and Synthesis Research
Health Canada’s Research Management and Dissemination Division of the Information, Analysis and Connectivity Branch, as part of its Health Policy Research Program, has announced a request for proposals for workshops, seminars and conferences (deadline Aug. 22) and for Synthesis Research Projects (deadline Sept. 19). The focus of the workshops program is (1) migration health and (2) other policy areas relevant to Health Canada’s decision-making capacity. The Synthesis Research program is directed towards the policy areas of (1) community capacity and (2) integrated health systems. A combined budget of $1 million has been set aside for these two programs. It is expected that a total of 10-12 proposals will be funded.

Health Services and Policy Research
CIHR’s Institute of Health Services and Policy Research has committed $2.7 million over three years to support innovative projects that will help inform policy and management in the area of financing health care in the face of changing public expectations. Research of interest under this proposal call would include implications of decisions regarding the extent and reach of public funding for health care, on accessibility, use, cost and quality; the role of public values and expectations in determining what is publicly funded; and the effects of changes in public financing on the largely hidden burden borne by families and other informal care-givers. For application under this program, it is necessary to provide a letter of registration by Aug. 31. The deadline for full application is Oct. 12.

Needs, Gaps and Opportunities assessment grants
Two CIHR Institutes — the Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH) and the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) have together issued a request for applications focused on the identification of Canadian research needs, gaps, and opportunities within selected research topics of priority to these two institutes. Of priority interest to IPPH is the influence of context on health and population interventions while for ICR it is supportive/palliative care, cancer information resources, and tumour banks. Each grant will provide a maximum of $80,000 over an eight-month period. Application is initially through letters of intent. The deadline for submission is Sept. 4.

Knowledge translation in health
The Canadian Institutes of Health Research has issued a request for applications on strategies for knowledge translation in health. One-year research proposals are invited in five areas: understanding Canadian capacity to support uptake and application of health research; understanding knowledge translation activities currently employed by health researchers; refining our understanding about what works and what doesn’t in knowledge translation; understanding the knowledge translation research community; and developing and validating approaches to knowledge translation in specific areas of health. Requests in the range of $10,000 to $100,000 may be submitted under this program. The deadline for applications is Sept. 15.

Changes to CIHR Clinical Trials Program
The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has advised that as of September 2001, there will be four competitions each year under their clinical trials program with deadlines of Sept. 15 (Sept. 1 in subsequent years), Nov. 1, Feb. 15, and April 1. In addition, there will be a two-stage application process. Submission of an RCT outline (specialized letter of intent) must be submitted one month prior to the deadline for all clinical trials with an annual budget of $500,000 or more. Those with a lesser budgetary request are encouraged to follow the two-stage process, but it is not strictly required. Complete details on the program and on application requirements are available at See the clinical trials section of the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide.

Support for child-based research
The Research Advisory Committee of the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation has issued a call for research proposals. Funding for one-year to a maximum of $15,000 is available under this program for projects that are related directly to child health care, including epidemiological, clinical and basic sciences research. The deadline for application is Oct. 15.

Coast Guard’s R&D Plan
The Office of Research has received a copy of the Coast Guard’s Research and Development Annual Plan for
fiscal year 2001-2002. It provides a summary of the research projects planned for fiscal year 2001-2002 by the various branches and regions. It is available for borrowing from the Office and it is also available at

Imminent Deadlines
Sept. 17

Bloorview Children’s Hospital Foundation — external research grant.

Sept. 20
Memorial — social sciences and humanities research council general grant (research); social sciences and humanities research council general grant (travel grants for international representation and paper presentation at scholarly meetings); vice-president’s research grant.

Sept. 28
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons — international travelling fellowship; Medical education travelling fellowships; Detweiler travelling fellowships; Walter C. MacKenzie, Johnson & Johnson fellowships; Royal college fellowship for studies in medical education

Sept. 29
Canadian Hemophilia Society/Genetics Institute - Care Until Cure research program.

York University - International Alliance for Human Resources Research (IAHRR) - best human resources research conducted in masters and doctoral programs.

Sept. 30
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) - external research program.

Canadian Pain Society - Doctoral research award (Janssen-Ortho); Pfizer award.

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation - research grants (full application).

Molly Towell Perinatal Research Foundation - perinatal research.

Oct. 1
American Lung Association - research training fellowship.

Associated Medical Services - bioethics grant-in-aid.

Burroughs Wellcome Fund - career awards in the biomedical sciences.

Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - clinic incentive grants; transplant centre grants; research grant; scholarships; fellowships; studentships.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research(CIHR) - multi-user equipment grant and maintenance grant for multi-user equipment; international scientific exchanges.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research - genomics research program: collaborative genomic special projects (full application).

Cancer Research Institute (New York) (CRINY) - postdoctoral fellowships in general or cancer immunology.

Guggenheim, John Simon Memorial Foundation - fellowships to assist research and artistic creation (US and Canada).

Hospital for Sick Children Foundation - Duncan L. Gordon fellowship program.

Leukemia society of America - Scholar (full application); Special fellow (full application); Fellow (full application).

Memorial - Memorial university research grants program (redesignation of salary).

Memorial, J R. Smallwood Foundation for Newfoundland and Labrador Studies - project grants;research grants.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada - research grants; career development awards; postdoctoral fellowships.

National Institutes of Health (US) (NIH) - research grant.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) - collaborative research opportunities (CRO)

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) - Canadian Institutes of Health Research- Collaborative Health Research Projects.

Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) - major equipment grants; major installation grants; major facilities access grants; ship time (full application); NATO science fellowships (nomination).

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - collaborative linkage grants; expert visits (security-related civil sciences).

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) - Jules and Gabrielle Léger fellowship; Bora Laskin national fellowship in human rights research.

The Whitaker Foundation - biomedical engineering research grant (full application).


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