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(April 12, 2001, Gazette)

Harvard bound

By David Sorensen

Steve George
Steve George

Steve George will soon join the student body at America’s most prestigious university. The Memorial B.Ed. student has been accepted into the two-year master of theological studies program starting in the fall at Harvard’s storied Cambridge, MA, campus.

Ironically, getting accepted into Harvard has been the easy part for Mr. George. Finding the money to pay for life in Cambridge has so far been extremely difficult.

While Harvard will pay Mr. George’s tuition for the first year – a cost of US$16,400 – he has been unable to find funding sources to help defray his living expenses.

So far, only Memorial President Dr. Axel Meisen and St. John’s West MP Loyola Hearn have responded to Mr. George’s requests and offered to help find sources of funding.

The idea of attending Harvard was first suggested to Mr. George by a visiting professor in Memorial’s Folklore Department, Leonard Primiano, who was a graduate of the same Harvard program.

Despite Mr. Primiano’s encouragement, Mr. George didn’t act on his suggestion immediately. Instead, he went about completing his BA in Folklore and English at Memorial and a BA in Political Studies at Bishop’s University.

It wasn’t until he returned to Memorial and enrolled in the B.Ed. program that Mr. George again thought about Harvard. “I thought, what the hell, I’ll apply,” he said.

“A couple of weeks ago, I heard back from them and, lo and behold, I’ve been accepted for the program and they’re giving me full tuition for a year.”

Now, Mr. George will spend the rest of the spring and summer scrambling to find money to feed and house himself while at Harvard.

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