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(September 21, 2000, Gazette)

Lifelong learner

Dennis Flynn briefs Lisa Savage about the Faculty of Business Administration computer upgrade to Windows 2000.


By Megret Yabsley
As the computer consultant for the Faculty of Business Administration, Dennis Flynn is well known by faculty and staff members and students. His vibrant and positive attitude can mellow the most stressed person who is ready to toss a computer through the window.

A graduate of the B.Comm. program in ’91, Mr. Flynn began working for the faculty in 1992. Mr. Flynn embraces the belief of education for life and readily applies it to his work and personal life.

“The day I stop learning, just toss the dirt on me,” he said. “Today, you can change careers a number of times. You’ve got to be prepared. Even if you don’t do it for your professional career, then you should be doing it for your personal betterment.”

Since working for the faculty, Mr. Flynn has graduated with a bachelor of education (post-secondary). He is also working towards completing a bachelor of arts in philosophy and a certificate in microcomputer applications.

 Dennis Flynn at one of his favorite hiking destinations, the Spout near Bay Bulls.
“Every once in a while I just take a course for fun,” said Mr. Flynn. “For example, I have taken Latin and criminology. I will probably never use Latin and I probably won’t become a lawyer. But by learning things outside of your field, you become a much more interesting person.”

When he is not in class expanding his academic horizons, Mr. Flynn is out pushing the limits of his personal life. An avid outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys open water scuba diving, hiking the East Coast Trail, cycling, running, kayaking, winter camping, snowshoeing, and horseback riding. In addition, Mr. Flynn tries his hand at numerous other extracurricular activities such as woodcarving and pencil sketching. In fact, he often puts his talents to work by making and donating prizes for fundraising activities.

“It’s attitude over ability,” explained Mr. Flynn about his accomplishments. “If you have the right attitude and frame-of-mind you can do and learn anything.”

Very community-minded Mr. Flynn volunteers with numerous committees on campus and in his hometown of Colliers. Just recently he accompanied a group of 26 youths, aged 16-19, to Rome to participate in the World Youth Day Conference.

“I believe in helping others get off on the right foot,” said Mr. Flynn.

This month will, no doubt, keep Mr. Flynn busy as he pursues his own educational interests and volunteers with the university orientation committee and the business faculty’s A Step Up orientation event.