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(September 21, 2000, Gazette)

Track success for Sea-Hawks

Memorial’s cross-country team took part in the 2000 McGill Open Cross-Country Meet at Mount Royal Park, Montreal, on Saturday,
Sept. 16. In men’s action Memorial’s Trevor O’Brien won the men’s six kilometre event with a time of 18:46 out of a field of 108 participants.

Other members on the Sea-Hawks team were ninth place finisher
Robert Jewer with a time of 19:03, 21st place Colin Fewer with a time of 19:40, 28th place Tim Nash with a time of 20:07, and 42nd place finisher Brian Norman with a time of 21:11.

The overall standings for the team gave them second place in the event losing only to Sherbrooke who placed second in the CIAUs last year. In women’s action Anne Barrington finished eighth in the four kilometre event with a time of 14:37. The other member of the Lady Sea-Hawks team was Hilary Baikie who finished in 65th position with a time of 16:35. The women did not place overall because there wasn’t enough members to make up a team.

Wrongful dismissal case dismissed

The Newfoundland Supreme Court has sided with Memorial University after a lengthy legal battle with the university’s former chair in child protection with the School of Social Work.

Dr. Kathleen Kufeldt had sued Memorial, claiming she was wrongfully dismissed from her position upon reaching the mandatory retirement age of 65.

The university argued that the court had no jurisdiction to adjudicate this dispute as it was covered by a collective agreement and therefore should be decided by an arbitrator. Justice James Adams agreed.

Extra basketball season tickets available.

If you are interested in purchasing MUN Sea-Hawks basketball season tickets, the Booster Club would like to inform the university community that they have 100 new seats available for the upcoming season.

Seats are available for $30 each and a minimum $50 donation. For more information, contact Wayne Rose at 737-4731 or e-mail

Revisions to modem management

Due to the increased number of users, Computing and Communications has increased the number of modems in its modem pool to 235. The daily FAIR allocation has been restored to 45 minutes.

In sum: the daily FAIR allocation will be increased from 35 to 45 minutes; the maximum session remains at 120 minutes; the number of modems increases to 235; the daily discount periods will be unchanged.

Time periods are as follows: day from 12-4 p.m. with a multiplier of 50 per cent; evening from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. with a multiplier of 100 per cent; overnight from 1 a.m. to 12 p.m. with a multiplier of 25 per cent.
Please see for modem policy details.

Assessing technology needs

The division of Community Education and College Relations, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, knows the computer programs it’s offering will meet the needs of the business community.

That’s because this semester’s computer program offerings are based on the information technology needs assessment survey that was completed over the summer.

“Because of the needs assessment, we are now able to continue providing this service effectively and appropriately,” says Marilyn Forward, program developer. “The assessment helped us identify the courses the business community and others would like to see offered and in the format that best suits their needs.”

In addition to its existing public programs, Community Education and College Relations offers a service whereby programs are developed specifically to meet the needs of organizations and businesses. Contact Marilyn Forward, Program Developer, to discuss training requirements.

Registration information is available by calling the Division of Community Education and College Relations at (709) 637-6208, faxing (709) 637-6201 or through email at

Maritime archive open one night a week

From Sept. 21 to Dec. 7, 2000, the Maritime History Archive, located in the Henrietta Harvey Building on Memorial St. John’s campus, will be open Thursday nights from 7-9:30 p.m.

The Maritime History Archive collects and preserves original documents and copies of documents relating to the history of sea based activities in the north Atlantic region.