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(October 19, 2000, Gazette)

q Three research presentations were made by personnel in the lab of DR. CHRISTOPHER KOVACS, Medicine, at the annual scientific meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, held in Toronto during September. M.Sc. student MANDY L. WOODLAND won a young investigator award, and a $1,125 prize, for the oral presentation of her paper titled Ablation of the VDR Minimally Affects Fetal-Placental Calcium Metabolism and Placental Calcitropic Gene Expression (collaboration with Dr. Marie B. Demay at Harvard Medical School, Boston). M.Sc. student KIRSTEN R. MCDONALD presented the paper entitled Effects of Calcitonin Gene Deletion on Fetal-Placental Calcium Metabolism and Maternal Fertility (collaboration with Dr. Robert F. Gagel, M. D. Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston). Dr. Kovacs also presented the paper Calcium Sensing Receptor Regulates Renal Magnesium Handling and Calcitonin Secretion by the C-cells.