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(November 18, 1999, Gazette)

For more information about the items below, or to request application materials, contact Rosalind Collins at the Office of Research, 737-8251 or e-mail

SSHRC valuing literacy in Canada program

SSHRC has advised that the application form for their 1999 Valuing Literacy in Canada competition will remain the same as last year (Form 800L). The form can be retrieved as a downloadable PDF file on the SSHRC Web site at The deadline for submission of applications is Nov. 30.

Canada Millennium Partnership

This program is designed to help Canadians mark the new millennium in meaningful and creative ways, while meeting one or more of the program’s themes (e.g., information exchange, sustainable environment, youth, innovation). The deadline for receipt of applications is Nov. 30, 1999, with a competition budget of $140 million. Project budgets will consist of one third Millennium Partnership Program funding and two thirds other funding sources. Funds from the Federal Granting Councils are not eligible as matching funds. For additional information and a copy of the application form, visit the Web site at

Second call for proposals

The Toxic Substances Research Initiative (TSRI) Secretariat is now accepting one-year strategic research proposals for funding during the 2000/2001 fiscal year. This second call will target specific knowledge needs, to compliment the projects currently funded within the TSRI’s five priority research areas. Applications for funding must be postmarked no later than Dec. 22. For further information, please see the TSRI web site at

Research on endangered species

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) of Environment Canada are inviting submissions under the 2000-2001 funding program of the Endangered Species Recovery Fund (ESRF). The purpose of the ESRF is to sponsor high-priority conservation projects to assist the recovery and protection of endangered Canadian wildlife and their natural habitats. The key to a successful application for funding will be a demonstration that the proposed project will achieve wildlife conservation results. Application form and guidelines are now available at The deadline for submissions of applications is Jan. 7.

Canadian blood services Canadian Blood Services offers Career

Development Fellowship Awards for a period of one to three years to candidates who hold a recent PhD or an MD/DDS/DVM plus a recent research degree in an appropriate health field at a minimum M.Sc. level and who wish to acquire further experience in a blood services setting. Fellowships are based on MRC rates and provide a first year research allowance of $10,000. The deadline for receipt of applications is Jan. 17, 2000.

Interdisciplinary health research

A newly announced Interdisciplinary Health Research Teams (IHRT) Program will provide funding for teams of five or more researchers who will pool their expertise, different perspectives, and resources to address or resolve an important health research issue. Proposals with researchers working in at least two different institutions are encouraged. Participating institutions include universities, colleges, hospitals, clinics, research institutes, government departments and agencies, and in general any not-for-profit entity with demonstrated research capacity. The application process will involve two stages. Letters of intent must be submitted by Jan. 17, 2000 with those invited to the next stage required to submit a full application by June 5, 2000. Further program details are available at Web site Up to $4 million will be available in 2000-2001 to support this program with the amount increasing to $8 in fiscal year 2001-2002.

CHAR Program

The new Community Alliances for Health Research (CAHR) Program is based on partnerships between community organizations and research teams whose members are affiliated with a university, hospital, or other not-for-profit institutions capable of conducting health research. Up to $4 million will be available in fiscal year 2000-2001 to increase to $8 million in 2001-2002. CAHRs will initially be funded for one to five years. The application process will involve two stages. Letters of intent are to be submitted by Jan. 17, 2000 with those invited to proceed to the next stage required to submit a full application by June 5, 2000. Further program details are available on SSHRC’s Web site at or at CIHR’s Web site,

Health career awards program

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) together with SSHRC and the National Health Research Development Program (NHRDP) have announced a Health Career Awards program to enhance and develop leadership in current health, social sciences and humanities research. The program is targeted to excellent young researchers, accomplished established investigators, and universities that want to develop a critical mass in this sector. It offers six different categories of award: postdoctoral fellowships, senior research fellowships, new investigator awards, investigator awards, senior investigator awards, and partnership appointments (in conjunction with one of the three investigator awards). Detailed guidelines are available on the SSHRC Web site at The deadline for submission of applications is Feb. 1, 2000.

Neuromuscular research

The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Canada (ALS Canada), the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (MDAC) and MRC have entered into an agreement to jointly fund health research in the area of neuromuscular disorders. Collectively, the partners will contribute close to $750,000 towards funding research that will ultimately result in discovering the causes, treatments and an eventual cure for muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular disorders. Pre-registration deadline is Feb. 1 and competition deadline for operating grants is March 1 . Further details can be found on MRC’s Web site at

New MRC/Rx&D programs

MRC has announced that four new funding mechanisms under the MRC/Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies Research Program are currently under development: funding for add-on clinical trials; funding for clinician-scientists attached to a trial; improved research chair program; and funding for operating fellowships. Details on these new programs will be available early in 2000. In the meantime, funding is available under the regular program types: training awards, salary awards, operating grants, and clinical trials. Application is initially through a letter of intent to the MRC/Rx&D Research Program.

Canadian space agency program

The Microgravity Sciences Program of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has announced an opportunity for Canadian researchers to participate in a space shuttle mission scheduled for launch in November 2000. This opportunity relates to protein crystal growth. Further details are available on the CSA Web site at or by contacting Kim Vincellete at (450) 926-4771.

CIHR position papers

SSHRC has advised that the position papers on the CIHR institute design process sponsored by SSHRC under the Health Institutes Design Grants (HIDG) program are now available on SSHRC’s website at english/programinfo/hidgpapers.

Imminent deadlines

Jan. 1

International Union Against Cancer – Yamagiwa-Yoshida Memorial international cancer study grants.

Jan. 7
American Digestive Health Foundation (ADHF)
– Miles & Shirley Fiterman Foundation/basic research award; Elsevier research initiative award; Miles & Shirley Fiterman foundation/clinical research award; international travel award; Wilson Cook endoscopic research career development awards; olympus endoscopic career enhancement awards.

World Wildlife Fund, Canada (WWF) – endangered species recovery fund.