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Getting their kicks

(November 18, 1999, Gazette)

By David Sorensen

What started as a fun activity for the kids has turned into a real accomplishment for the family of Donna Osborne, who works in the office of the vice-president (research and international).

“We went to register the boys for karate, and we stayed,” explained Ms. Osborne. “And we’ve been here ever since.”

Now, seven years after starting karate classes, all four members of the Osborne family – Donna, her husband Art and their sons Steven and Mark – earned their black belts last month.

Ms. Osborne said karate is not only great exercise, but it’s a good chance to mingle with others from all age levels. The karate class they attend at Cowan Heights United Church twice a week is a mix of the young and the adult.

The Osbornes study Chito Ryu karate. In order to achieve a black belt, one is tested on all the material learned throughout preliminary stages of testing. The Osbornes went through a pre-grading in May with a sensei, or teacher, from Halifax. Then sensei Shane Higashi came down from Toronto in October to give the Osbornes their final grade.
Ms. Osborne said she “feels great” about getting her black belt, and about karate class in general.

Both Mark and Steven are Memorial students.