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(May 18, 2000, Gazette)

Medical students who attended the History of Medicine Days 2000 in Calgary in March made the following presentations. BHAVNA BALI and BAHARAK TABARSI: Oh Me Nerves Are Acting Up Some Awful – How do Beliefs Shape Attitudes Towards Women’s Health? PETER MONTESANO: Alcohol – Its Past and Present Role in the Health of Native Communities. FRANCESCO MULÉ: Masturbation – A “Disease” of the Past. Does the Physician Open Doors to All Concerns? COLLEEN O’BRIEN: I’m Gonna Slap Those Doctors. The Patient in the Poetry of Physicians of the Twentieth Century and the Value of Poetry to Medical Historians.

DR. DEREK BURTON, Biology and Ocean Sciences Centre, presented a paper, co-authored by J. E. Vokey, Biology, titled Alpha Adrenoceptor Subtypes on Flatfish Melanophore, at the 39th annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Zoologists held at St. Andrews, New Brunswick, May 2-6.

DR. DENNIS M. MULCAHY, Education, presented a paper entitled Conflicting Conceptions of Rural Education Reform at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual conference in New Orleans on April 24, 2000. At the business meeting of the AERA Rural Sig., Dr. Mulcahy was elected program chair (Rural Sig.) for next year’s AERA’s conference to be held in Seattle, Washington.
DR. ADRIAN TANNER, Anthropology, recently returned from tenure as the 1999-2000 Gordon Russell Visiting Professor in Native American Studies, in the School of Native American Studies, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. While at Dartmouth he gave two lectures: The Contribution of Academic Research to Aboriginal Rights, at the Native American Studies Center; and Ontology, Cultural Barriers and the Healing Movement, at the Department of Anthropology. He also gave two lectures at other institutions in the region while at Dartmouth: The Ouje-Bougamou Cree of James Bay – their Environment, History and Culture, at The Antioch New England Graduate School, Keene, New Hampshire; and The James Bay Cree: Culture, Land Tenure and Environment, at the Centre for Northern Studies at Woolcott, Vermont.

DR. MARILYN THOMPSON, Human Resources, presented a paper titled Educational Restructuring and the Perspectives of Faculty from Newfoundland Schools of Nursing, at the National Nurse Educators Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Feb. 24-27, 2000. The paper has also been accepted for presentation at the 11th Annual Nurse Educators Conference in the Rockies in Breckenridge, Colorado, July 27-29, 2000.