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(March 9, 2000, Gazette)

This province no island

Dear Editor,
Although the MUN
Gazette has a two-week arrival delay at my address, I feel compelled to respond to Kelley Power’s troubling article in the Jan. 27 issue, titled Canadiana 1000: An Introductory Course.

Of course, Ms. Power is so correct. There is a huge need for more quality and quantity education about our country and province. She is gracious in acknowledging her own weakness in this regard.
However, when she decries the “lack of understanding” expressed by other Canadians about Newfoundland itself, and speaks of them as being “misinformed about this island” and having “a lack of understanding of this island’s climate, economy and culture,” she is obviously quite unaware of her own very ironic fundamental error in her statement. Ms. Power, please take note, along with all your MUN associates, that this province is not an island. Reading such ubiquitous insular blinkered mistakes is like a red rag to a bull for Labradorian citizens.

Ms. Power suggests that we look first at our primary and secondary schools. Good idea, but let’s start with an accurate proportional map of the whole province, and remove the present misleading insular chart still hanging in most classrooms, and government and media offices in Newfoundland.

Yours sincerely,
Susan Felsberg
Mud Lake, Labrador