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(March 23, 2000, Gazette)

DR. ARYA K. BAL, honorary research professor, Biology, attended the Asia-Pacific Congress on Biology of the Environment in Singapore Nov. 21-24, 1999. He co-chaired the session on Conservation Biology and Ecology and also presented an invited talk titled Beach Pea in Recreational Beaches. He was also an invited speaker at the National Symposium on Frontiers of Research in Plant Sciences held in Calcutta, India, Dec. 2-4, 1999, and delivered a lecture titled Plant-Microbe Interaction: Involvement of Oleosomes (Lipid Bodies) in Nitrogen-fixing Nodules of Leguminous Plants.

DR. DAVID BEHM, School of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics, with G. Reardon, J. Fitzgerald, E. Drinkwater published an article titled The Effect of 5, 10, 20 Repetition Maximums on the Recovery of Voluntary and Evoked Contractile Properties, in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: 2000. This article was presented at the Canadian Association for Exercise Physiology Annual Conference (Toronto) also, with K. Power and E. Drinkwater, Muscle Activation Is Enhanced With Multi-articular Versus Uni-articular Contractions. Accepted for publication in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine (abstract) 2000. The abstract will be presented in May at the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine (Toronto).

DR. T. A. LOEFFLER, School of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics, presented at the 27th Annual Association for Experiential Education International Conference in Rochester, NY. Her topics were Competency Development for Girls and Women: Using the Seasons as Metaphor; and Paradoxes of Gender: What to Do When the Men Want to Cook and the Women Want to Set up the Tents? She was also a speaker on the keynote panel at the Fifth Annual Research Symposium of the Coalition for Education in the Outdoors in Martinsville, Indiana.

LAURENE REHMAN, School of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics, published a paper with W. Frisby titled Is Self-employment Liberating or Marginalizing? The Case of Women Consultants in the Fitness and Sport Industry, in the Journal of Sport Management. 14(1), 41-62.

BERT RIGGS, Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, gave a presentation to the Irish-Newfoundland Association at Hotel Newfoundland March 16 as part of Irish Week activities. The title of the talk was Thomas Who? An Irish Scholar in 19th Century Newfoundland. The subject was the life and writings of Thomas Talbot.