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Engineering has new newsletter

Benchmarks launch

(June 22, 2000, Gazette)

Acting Dean Mahmoud Haddara at the launch of the engineering faculty's new newsletter, Benchmarks.

By Susen Johnson

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science took another important step in its effort to increase industrial and community outreach by launching the first issue of its first newsletter on June 6.
Benchmarks came out at what was billed as a Special Coffee Break in the fourth floor lounge of the Engineering Building amid an enthusiastic crowd of faculty, staff and industrial stakeholders.

Acting Dean Mahmoud Haddara cut a cake and unveiled the cover of the new publication while describing it as "an important tool that will help us to communicate better with one another – as alumni, professors, researchers, engineers working in the community, and others who perhaps just want to know what's happening in their backyard."
A project begun by Dean R. (Sesh) Seshadri, who is currently on administrative leave, Benchmarks is an outreach tool designed to promote discussion and generate interest about the people and research taking place within the faculty's walls – factors which Dr. Seshadri said are key in making Memorial's Engineering program so successful.

"We have a lot of incredible things happening here, but they're not always easy to describe in 10 words or less, they're not always high-profile, so we need to tell people about them," he said. "A lot of it is pride, but some of it is soundboarding, too.
"We invite guest columnists from within the faculty and the greater engineering community to write about topics of their own interest because we want people to give us feedback, and to initiate that conversation someone has to talk first. Benchmarks can be seen in this way."

With just 2,000 hard-copy issues printed, the faculty is distributing the newsletter primarily through a downloadable (Adobe Acrobat) format to industrial and community stakeholders, co-op employers, government representatives, alumni, and faculty and staff. The first issue is available at the faculty's homepage: