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(January 27, 2000, Gazette)

DR. PETER POPE of the Archaeology Unit, Anthropology, organized a thematic session on Permanence and Transience in 17th-Century Newfoundland at the January 2000 conference of the Society for Historical Archaeology, in Quebec City. His own paper, Material Indicators of Permanence and Transience in 17th-century St John’s and Other Newfoundland Sites, introduced contributions on specific structures at Ferryland and Renews by recent MA graduates in archaeology, Douglas Nixon and Steven Mills, and by MA candidate Amanda Crompton. The session was packed with historical archaeologists from all over the eastern seaboard and was described by the discussant Dr. Brad Loewen of Université Laval as a “model of archaeological cooperation.”

DR. FEREIDOON SHAHIDI, University Research Professor, Biochemistry, attended the 2nd International Conference on Food Factors: Chemistry and Health Promotion in Kyoto, Japan, Dec. 12-18, 1999. Dr. Shahidi presented a keynote paper titled Antioxidant Factors from Plant and Oilseeds and chaired a session on Recent Topics in Antioxidative Factors. Dr. Shahidi also visited Tokyo University of Fisheries (Dec. 8-12) and held discussions on on going joint research projects with his Japanese counterparts. The projects in Japan are sponsored by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science. He also presented a seminar on Marine Oils as Nutreceuticals: Applications and Health Benefits, with specific reference to seal blubber oil in health and nutrition, at Tokyo University of Fisheries. Dr. Shahidi will serve as the organizer of the next conference on Food Factors in Disease Prevention, sponsored jointly by the American Chemical Society and the Food Factor Society of Japan, to be held in San Diego, USA, in March 2001. He would also serve as the editor of a new international journal in the area of Functional Foods and Nurtraceuticals to begin publication in 2001. Dr. Shahidi currently serves on the Expert Advisory Pannel of Health Canada on Standards of Evidence for Health Claims for Foods.