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(February 24, 2000, Gazette)

Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago

Formula financing for MUN
February 1970 —
The provincial Department of Education is changing the way Memorial University is funded. Formula financing is announced this month and greeted by university president Lord Taylor as a “progressive and much appreciated measure.” The formula payment of $2,000 per student is intended to cover total operating costs of the university other than the Faculty of Medicine, which is funded separately through the Department of Health.

25 years ago

Conference on the future
February 1975 —
A three-day conference this month looks at Memorial’s role in the province and the direction it should take in the next 25 years. The keynote speaker, Dr. Desmond Morton of the University of Toronto, said that universities acquired an inflated sense of their own importance during the 1960s but that these traditional defences have been eroded. He predicted a coming crisis for Canadian universities as governments hunt for ways to cut their educational spending.

20 years ago

Labrador in the spotlight
February 1980 —
Memorial begins a heavy involvement in Labrador this month, offering a course in Arctic fisheries co-operatives in settlements along the northern Labrador coast. It’s the first course of its kind in the world, and was developed in response to a request from the Fishery Emergency Policy Committee of northern Labrador, the Labrador Inuit Association and the Labrador Resources Advisory Council. The program will provide northern Labrador residents with an opportunity to study the role, structures, financing, problems and strengths of co-operatives, drawing extensively on experience of this type of organization in coastal and Arctic areas of Canada and elsewhere.

15 years ago

Writing Centre opens
February 1985 —
Memorial’s new Writing Centre, housed in the Science Building, is being visited by about 70 students a week. There are scheduled work periods for grammar review, tutoring services for students needing help with an essay or research paper, and tutoring services for students whose native language is not English.

10 years ago

Study on illiteracy
February 1990 —
Researchers from Memorial’s Institute for Education Research and Development are about to embark on a two - year effort to develop a major study on the causes of illiteracy in the province. The principal investigators in the seven-person research team are Drs. Stephen Norris and Linda Phillips. The primary focus of the project is to study adults enrolled in literacy programs.

Five years ago

Aquarena to come to MUN
February 1995 —
The Board of Regents has given its approval to an agreement that will see the transfer of the Canadian Games Park, including the Aquarena, from the City of St. John’s to the university. The agreement is based on an offer under which the city will provide an annual operating subsidy of $250,000 for a three-year period, and capital funding this year to a maximum of $200,000 for structural repairs.