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(December 2, 1999, Gazette)

DR. WALTER C. OKSHEVSKY, Education, during a sabbatical term at the Department of Educational Studies, University of Oxford, from January to April 1999, presented a paper titled The Soul Has its Own Vocation: Aristotelian and Kantian Conceptions of Moral Education to the Scottish and Cambridge branches of The Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain and at the Hilary Term Philosophy of Education Research Seminars Programme of the Institute of Education, University of London,and the Department of Educational Studies, University of Oxford, England.

DR. KAM HON CHU, Economics, presented a paper Oct. 29 titled Reserve Requirements and Multiplier Predictability, to the Department of Social Sciences (Economics), University of New Brunswick at Saint John.

DR. JIM BARNES, Business Administration, recently completed work on his latest book, Consumer Behaviour and Financial Needs. This book was published in September by the Institute of Canadian Bankers of Montreal, and will be used in courses of the ICB across Canada. Dr. Barnes will also see three papers of his appear as chapters in books that will be soon be published in the United States and Europe. The first, titled Self-Service and Technology: Unanticipated and Unintended Effects on Customer Relationships, will be published in Handbook of Services Marketing and Management published by Sage Publications. This paper is co-authored with Peter A. Dunne, a recent graduate of Memorial’s MBA program, and William J. Glynn of University College Dublin. The second paper, Closeness in Customer Relationships: Examining the Payback from Getting Closer to the Customer, will be published in Germany later this year in Relationship Marketing: Gaining Competitive Advantage through Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention. The third paper is also co-authored with Peter Dunne and is entitled Internal Marketing: A Relationships, Value-Creation View. It will be published by Routledge in Internal Marketing: Directions for Management in Spring 2000.

DR. EVAN SIMPSON, Memorial’s vice-president (academic), takes the academic side of his position seriously and has published three articles this year: Between Internalism and Externalism in Ethics, in The Philosophical Quarterly, 49 (April, 1999), 201-214; Justice, Expediency, and Practices of Thinking, in Cruelty & Deception: The Controversy Over Dirty Hands in Politics, ed. by P. Rynard and D. P. Shugarman (Peterborough: Broadview Press, 1999), 101-110; and Reconstructing Rorty’s Ethics: Styles, Languages, and Vocabularies of Moral Deliberation, in The Ethics of Postmodernity: Current Trends in Continental Thought, ed. by G. B. Madison and M. Fairbairn (Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 1999), 120-137 (with Mark Williams).

DR. JORGE SEGOVIA, Health and Medical Care Research Group, Community Health, along with A. C. Edwards and R. F. Bartlett, presented an abstract titled Health Practices and Medical Care Utilization at the American Public Health Association 127th annual meeting. The three authors along with Nan Li also presented an abstract on temporal and diagnostic patterns of utilization of general practitioners at this meeting. At the Association for Health Services Research 16th annual meeting, Dr. Segovia, A. C. Edwards, Nan Li, and Dr. R. F. Bartlett presented a poster, Patterns of Utilization of General Practitioners under Universal Health Insurance. At the Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Nan Li, A.C. Edwards and Dr. Segovia presented an abstract on Patterns of Medical Care Use for Mental and Chronic Respiratory Conditions, Newfoundland. Another abstract was presented at this meeting by Drs. Segovia and Bartlett with A.C. Edwards titled Health Practices and Medical Care Utilization. A paper was also accepted for publication written by Drs. Segovia and Bartlett with A.C. Edwards: Newfoundland Panel of Health and Medical Care — Adult Health Survey; Canadian Journal of Public Health, November-December, 1999 (in press).

MARC BODMAN, ANOOP MAN-OCHA and RUP PANDYA, Memorial medical students, presented papers at the history of medicine sessions at the annual meeting of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in September, 1999. Bodman presented The Pernkopf Anatomy Atlas: The Historians’s Role in Deconstructing an Ethical Problem; Manocha presented Home Treatment of Tuberculosis in Newfoundland; and Pandya presented Hollywood Perceptions of Shock Therapy: 1930s-Present. The Royal College is encouraging students to contribute to the sessions to foster synergy between the older and younger members of the profession. Earlier in the year, Marc Bodman, in presenting an earlier version of his studies on The Pernkopf Anatomy Atlas to the annual History of Medicine Days at the University of Calgary, won the award for best overall presentation.

DR. ALICE GAUDINE, Nursing, presented a paper titled Ethical Conflict in Professionals: Nurses’ Accounts of Ethical Conflict with Organizations, at the sixth annual International Conference promoting Business Ethics, in Niagara Falls, New York, on Oct. 22.

DR. PAUL F. RICE, Music, recently returned from presenting a series of invited lectures in Calgary and Saskatoon that were jointly sponsored by the Eighteenth Century Research and Studies Groups at the University of Calgary and University of Saskatchewan. In Calgary, Dr. Rice presented a paper titled Musical Nationalism and the Vauxhall Gardens. This was repeated in Saskatoon, where he also delivered a talk titled The Cantata in 18th Century Britain.