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(December 2, 1999, Gazette)

Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago

Students elected to Senate
December 1969 —
For the first time in Memorial’s history, students will sit as full members of the university’s senior academic committee — the Senate. Six undergraduate and two graduate students were elected to the Senate last month.
In other news, the pay cycle changes for academic staff this month as they begin to be paid twice monthly instead of once a month. Non-academic staff have been paid on a twice-monthly basis for some time and the change eliminates the major expense of preparing and running two computer programs.

25 years ago

Junior Studies report submitted
December 1974 —
Senate has passed on the Report of the Committee on Junior Studies to faculty councils for further study. Certain modifications of the existing system of Junior Division are being suggested, including a closer integration between Junior and Senior Division and a greater exchange of teaching between first and senior year courses and instructors.

20 years ago

Scholarship needs highlighted
December 1979 —
The gap between student needs and scholarships available is outlined in a Gazette story that shows there is only $56,150 available in scholarship funds to Memorial’s 9,400 students compared to $414,000 to Mount Allison’s 1,400 students. Four pages of the Dec. 13 Gazette highlight some of the scholarships available with photos of donors and recipients.

15 years ago

Funding for seismic research
December 1984 —
The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and Petro Canada have joined forces with Memorial in establishing a chair in marine seismic research. The council and the company will invest a total of $1.3 million in the project. It is the largest single sum ever received by Memorial with the exception of regular government funding. The research chair will be within the Centre for Earth Resources Research. The money will be used to help pay the salary of a new senior faculty member and to acquire sophisticated equipment required for marine crustal seismic research.

10 years ago

Paper recycling underway
December 1989 —
A six week pilot project to recycle paper starts on the St. John’s campus. Initiated by a committee of the Graduate Students’ Union, the project is being implemented with the help of University Works and Nova Recycling. Computer paper and envelops without windows can be recycled but at present any coloured or glossy paper and newspapers cannot be recycled.

Five years ago

Ice research funded
December 1994 —
While the Hibernia Gravity Based Structure moves into its next phase of construction, Memorial University engineers receive $776,000 to look at alternate designs for offshore structures operating in ice-covered waters. The Ocean Engineering Research Centre receives the three-year grant from the Canada-Newfoundland Offshore Development Fund Agreement.
In other news, ownership of the main Queen’s College building is transferred to Memorial. For the university, the transfer completes the acquisition of all properties and land within the boundaries of the Memorial campus.