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(December 16, 1999, Gazette)

DR. FEREIDOON SHAHIDI, University Research Professor, served on the Organizing Committee for the fifth Joint Meeting of the Atlantic Fisheries Technological Conference (AFTC) and the Tropical and Subtropical Seafood Science and Technology Society, held Nov. 10-14, 1999, in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. Dr. Shahidi also presented a keynote paper titled Marine Oils: Characteristics and Food Applications, during the conference. Dr. Shahidi was the recipient of the prestigious McFee Award from AFTC in 1998 for outstanding contributions of global impact in seafood and aquaculture research.

DR. CHRISTOPHER KOVACS, Medicine, gave an invited lecture titled When is Osteopenia Really Osteomalacia? – and Other Questions that Bone Mineral Density Measurements Can’t Answer, at the 1999 Canadian Diabetes Association/Canadian Society for Endocrinology and Metabolism (CDA/CSEM) Professional Conference. The conference was held in Ottawa, Oct. 13-17. Dr. Kovacs also presented a research paper titled Parathyroid Glands are not required to Maintain Circulating PTHrP Levels in the Fetus. Co-authors on the paper are Linda Chafe, research assistant; Dr. Nancy R. Manley, Medical College of Georgia; Dr. Jane Moseley and Dr. Jack Martin, University of Melbourne; and Dr. Henry R. Kronenburg, Harvard Medical School.

KAM HON CHU, Economics, published a paper titled Free Banking and Information Asymmetry, in the November 1999 Issue (Volume 31 Number 4) of the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

DR. SUDHIR SAHA, Business, presented a research paper titled Managerial Beliefs and Values as Antecedents to Human Resource Decisions: An International Comparison, co-authored with Professors Md. Omar Ali and Amzad Hossain of Rajshahi University in Bangladesh, at the 1999 Annual Meeting of the Association for Global Business (AGB) held in Las Vegas, Nov. 18-21, 1999. Dr. Saha was also invited to chair a conference session of AGB titled Global Human Resource Management, which included investigation reports of human resource management in such countries like Malayasia, Thailand, Hungary, Canada, and United States. DR. SIMON TAGGAR and Dr. Saha presented one of their research papers titled The Makings of a Team Leader: The FFM and Cognitive Ability, at the 59th Annual Meeting of The Academy of Management held in Chicago, Aug. 6-11, 1999.