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(April 6, 2000, Gazette)

DR. JAMES P. FEEHAN, Economics, with Dr. M. Matsumoto of Ritsumeikan University in Osaka, published anarticle titled Productivity-enhancing Public Investment and Benefit Taxation. It appears in the February issue of the Canadian Journal of Economics.

DR. TOM NEMEC, Anthropology, at the invitation of the Irish Loop Development Association, presented an illustrated public lecture on the Cape Race National Historic Site at the fourth annual Outdoor Newfoundland and Labrador Show in
St. John’s on March 26.

DR. SUSAN TIRONE, School of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics, has the following articles accepted for publication: Racism, Indifference and the Leisure Experiences of South Asian Canadian Teens, in Leisure: The Journal of the Canadian Association of Leisure Studies. (24) 2; Growing up Within Two Cultural Traditions: the Lives and Leisure of Canadian South Asian Teens, in Women’s Leisure Experience: Ages, Stages and Roles, a Leisure Studies Association Publication; and with A. Pedlar, Understanding the Leisure Experience of a Minority Ethnic Group: South Asian Teens and Young Adults in Canada, in Loisir et Societe/Society and Leisure.

DR. MATTHEW D. WHITE, School of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics, gave a talk in London, England, Nov. 20, 1999, at the 40th Meeting of the Climatic Physiology Group hosted by the Health and Safety Executive of the Institute of Naval Medicine from England. The title was Comparisons of Core Temperature Thresholds for Eccrine Sweating and Minute Ventilation in Exercising Humans. Dr. White also presented an invited talk in Switzerland titled Exercise Hyperpanea and a Re-examination of the Role of Ventilation in the Human Thermoregulation, at the University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland Nov 30, 1999. He gave two talks in Australia: on Feb. 23, Ventilation and Core Temperatures During Exercise-and Passively-Induced Hyperthermia, at the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science at Griffith University on the Gold Coast Campus in Southport, Queensland, Australia; and Human Metabolic Responses: from Indirect Calorimetry to Doubly Labelled Water, Feb. 25 in the Department of Biomedical Science, University of Wollongong, Wollongong in New South Wales Australia. Dr. White published with Z. Mariak, J. Lewko, T. Lyson and P. Piekarski, a paper titled Upper Airways Cooling Causes Selective Brain Cooling in Humans, in the Journal of Applied Physiology 87(5): 1609-13, 1999.