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(April 6, 2000, Gazette)

Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago

Senate holds special meeting
April 1970 —
A special meeting of the Senate was held to approve regulations for summer session and regulations covering those found guilty of cheating in examinations. The meeting also approved undergraduate courses in Sociology, Philosophy, Mathematics and Education.

In other news, William G. Rowe is appointed associate dean of education and Dr. David G. Pitt is appointed head of the Department of English.

25 years ago

Report on new library
April 1975 —
Planning is now underway for a new university library, and the Gazette contributes this month to the process with a special library issue. The report looks at users, functional considerations, administration, acquisitions and processing, and service and information.

In other news, Memorial establishes air travel grants for students from Labrador. Up to 20 grants each year for a period of five years are made available by the Jubilee Celebration Committee.

20 years ago

Centrex changeover
April 1980 —
Work is well underway on the changeover from Memorial’s present telephone system to Centrex. The Newfoundland Telephone Company is on schedule with cabling and other changes. To ease the changeover process, the Gazette features a Q&A on the new system, which features 737 as the first three digits for all university numbers and allows internal calls to be made using just the last four digits.

15 years ago

Major funding for Music
April 1985 —
Two important projects at Memorial receive major federal funding this month. A $400,000 cheque for the university’s new music building and the final signing of a $2.85 million contract with the Canadian International Development Agency represent the culmination of long-term planning by the university and the federal government. The $400,000 from the Department of Communications is the first instalment on its pledge to the music building of $1.5 million.

In other news, the strike by about 145 university employees, represented by NAPE Locals 7801 and 7803, enters its second month with little indication of an early settlement. Maintenance workers and security guards have set up picket lines at the St. John’s and Corner Brook campuses. The strike has had no major effect on exam schedules and no changes have been made to schedules for the spring semester.

10 years ago

Hiring freeze continues
April 1990 —
Despite an apparent increase of about six per cent in operating funds, Memorial is experiencing difficulty balancing its budget. President Dr. Leslie Harris said about $4 million is being eliminated from capital operating costs and a further $3.5 million for faculty and staff appointments and replacements.

In other news, several hundred postsecondary students in St. John’s march on the federal government to protest the proposed Goods and Services Tax, cuts in student employment programs, and matters relating to student loans.

Five years ago

University left underfunded
April 1995 —
One again, Memorial’s grant was reduced in the provincial budget, this time by $2.5 million. The Faculty of Medicine’s budget, which comes from the Department of Health, has been reduced by $206,100. University President Arthur May said that excluding the health portion of the university’s funding, the actual shortfall totals more than the cut to its grant because of commitments such as changes to benefits and step increases that are part of collective agreements. Meanwhile, Memorial’s administration is asking the province to provide the university with a four to five-year budget next year.