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(April 27, 2000, Gazette)

DR. KAM HON CHU, Economics, presented a paper titled Contagion Effects, Informational Effects, and Economic Fundamentals: An Analysis of Exchange Rate Dynamics During the Asian Currency Crisis, to the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research on March 30, 2000.

DR. STUART PIERSON, who retired last year from the History Department, attended the annual meeting of the Midwest Junto for the History of Science at the Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, Missouri, April 14-16, and delivered a paper titled Five Ways of Reading Newton’s Principia. He will stay on at the library as recipient of a short-term fellowship in the humanities, to complete research on Gay-Lussac’s gas laws, and will return in May.

DR. GRAHAM SHORROCKS, English, delivered a paper titled The Dialects of Early Modern English and Their Study, at the University of Huelva, Spain. The paper was read at SEDERI XI: The 11th Annual Conference of SEDERI (Sociedad Española de Estudios del Renacimiento Inglés/Spanish Society for English Renaissance Studies).

DR. SANDRA KROMM, English, presented a paper titled Love Past and Present: Intertextuality in Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano, at the North East MLA 2000 Conference held in Buffalo, NY, March 9-11. Also, Dr. Kromm’s article, Landscape and Gender: A Study of Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano, has been published in Terranglian Territories by the Peter Lang Publishing group.

DR. DEREK BURTON, Biology and Ocean Sciences Centre, presented a paper titled Physiological Responsiveness of Melanophores of Pleuronectes Americanus to Neurotransmitter and Pituitary Factors, during the Comparative Neurobiology and Endocrinology session of the meeting of the Society of Experimental Biology held at the University of Exeter, England, from March 27-31. The paper was co-authored by J. Vokey and D. J. Mayo.