Scholarships for young researchers

MRC award for Kovacs

(May 13, 1999, Gazette)

By Karen Shewbridge

Dr. Christopher Kovacs, of Memorial's Faculty of Medicine - Endocrinology, has won a prestigious five-year scholarship from the Medical Research Council of Canada (MRC). The recipient receives $50,000 each year for five years to a total of $250,000. Not only did Dr. Kovacs win the scholarship, but his application was ranked number one over all other applicants. The title of Dr. Kovacs' research grant is Regulation of Murine Fetal-Placental Calcium Metabolism.

Dr. Kovacs said this is the biggest award he has received so far in his fledgling research career and he owes much to the many people who encouraged him.

"I am certainly very grateful to my former supervisors Dr. Henry Kronenberg at Harvard Medical School and Drs. Constance Chik and Tony Ho at the University of Alberta, Dr. Ian Bowmer, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial, and Dr. John Harnett, the Chair of Medicine at Memorial, for their support in the application process."

Dr. Kovacs said he feels fortunate to have won an award in a scholarship competition which is only open to young investigators within the first two years of their first university appointment, thus offering only two opportunities to apply in one's career. The MRC scholarship program is intended to afford what will usually be the investigator's first opportunity, upon completion of training, to develop and demonstrate their ability to initiate and independently carry out health research, unhampered by the necessity of carrying out the full teaching duties expected of a regular member of the university staff.