The State of Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada

(July 8, 1999, Gazette)

By Wayne King, Gary Gorman, Gar Pynn

With the experience of writing the third and fourth editions behind them, teaming up to write the fifth edition of The State of Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada was a familiar task for Memorial small business and entrepreneurship professors Wayne King, Gary Gorman, and Gar Pynn.

The book, published by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and funded under the Pan-Atlantic Entrepreneurship program, looks at business growth in Atlantic Canada from 1989 to 1995 by analyzing employment statistics.

It also presents overviews of research studies on entrepreneurial start-ups in Atlantic Canada and the impact of female entrepreneurs on Atlantic Canada's economy.

Chapters include growing small business, job creation the dynamics, entrepreneurial startups in Atlantic Canada, women-owned businesses in Atlantic Canada, and regional competitiveness. The book also includes a list of tables and figures that support the chapters.

Professors Pynn, King and Gorman conclude in the book that, while there was an economic downturn in the region during the period in question, the total number of businesses operating in the area actually increased.

Other interesting facts: Almost 80 per cent of all firms in the region in 1995 had fewer than five employees; 90 per cent had less than 20; and almost 95 per cent had less than 100.

Mr. Gorman said the book will be used as a small business resource guide.

"It is a reference on the role and contribution of small business and entrepreneurs to the economy of the region. It should be useful to educators, students, policy makers and anyone interested in knowing more about small business and entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada."