Christmas Streeters

"If Santa could give one present to Memorial this year, what would you like it to be?"

(December 10, 1998)

Dr. Terry Piper
Dean, Education

"While we'd all like to see Santa arrive with a large bag of money, I think that what I would wish for would be less tangible but nonetheless real: Mutual trust and respect among the entire university community students, faculty, staff, administrators. Out of trust and respect grow harmony and commonality of purpose that will do more than money to set us on a safe and smooth course toward the future."

Dr. Doug May

"Apart from money and more students? At Christmas, it's nice to think of the positive things rather than the negative. I hope a positive spirit infects MUN and that we all gain a real appreciation of the contributions our colleagues make to the university and to the community."

Tanya Bolduc
Graduate Student, Philosophy

Vice-president of Graduate Students' Union
"A greater appreciation of what we already have at Memorial, which is a real sense of community. I have been at other universities that are much smaller and they don't have nearly the spirit MUN has."

Lori Cook
Administrative Secretary
Campaign Planning Group

"How about $1.7 million for the Opportunity Fund, to put us at our target of $25 million, so we can achieve all the goals of the fund-raising campaign. I'd like to throw in a thank you to all those who have helped so far."

Dennis Yetman
Second year Arts, Psychology major

"Free tuition. And I'd like to see a lot more choices in the food court in the TSC."