Gazette Flashback

(May 14, 1998 Gazette)

Remembrances of Memorial past...

25 years ago:
Over 1,000 awards at spring convocation

May 1973 - A total of 1,020 degrees and diplomas are awarded at spring convocation. Of these, 940 are on the bachelor level and the remaining on the postgraduate level. The largest number of degrees - 316 - go to students in the bachelor of arts (education) program. Seven honorary degrees are awarded during the May convocation to Dr. E. R. Seary, Ted Russell, A. B. Perlin, George Bernard Summers, Baron Charles Percy Snow, Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin and Dr. Albert Lester Lehninger.

In other news, a search committee has been set up by the Board of Regents to seek a new president for Memorial. The search committee is headed by Dr. G. A. Winter. In January, Lord Taylor announced he will be retiring on Aug. 31 of this year.

20 years ago:
Multi-million dollar facility for Memorial

May 1978 - Memorial has been chosen as the site of a multi-million dollar research facility for the National Research Council of Canada. The central element of the new laboratory, which will be built and maintained by the NRC, will be a 60x80 meter ice tank to test marine structures, ships and oil rigs under a wide variety of cold ocean conditions.

In other news, at this year's spring convocation almost 1,200 undergraduate and graduate degrees are presented and six distinguished Canadians receive honorary degrees. The honorary degrees are presented to the Hon. Clarence Gosse, Dr. Larkin Kerwin, Arnold James Kerr, Hugh O'Neill, Q.C., Father Malcolm MacDonell and Edith Mary Manuel. A total of 38 prizes, awards and medals are presented to members of the graduating class.

10 years ago:
Amalgamation creates new school and centre

May 1988 - The School of General Studies will join with the School of Continuing Studies and Extension to form a new administrative structure called the School of General and Continuing Studies and Extension. Dr. Graham Skanes has been appointed to the post of dean. Another area of the university being restructured is the Newfoundland Institute of Cold Ocean Science and the Marine Sciences Laboratory. They will combine to form the Ocean Sciences Centre.

This year's Annual Appeal raised a total of $331,000, representing a significant increase in contributions from alumni and new sources. The major change in the organization of Memorial's fundraising campaign this year has seen all fundraising activities coordinated through the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development.

Five years ago:
Spring convocation starts in Corner Brook

May 1993 - The first session of spring convocation takes place at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in early May. In a session that confers bachelor of fine arts degrees on graduates of the college's visual arts and theatre programs, an honorary degree is granted to Dr. Selma Barkham. Later this month in St. John's, about 2,000 undergraduate and graduate degrees are conferred during the six sessions of spring convocation. Honorary degrees are granted to Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, Dr. Roberta Lynn Bondar, F. Murray Fraser. Edgar George House, Dr. Conor Cruise O'Brien Sr., Dr. Ann Ward, Patrick Watson, Edwina Wetzel.

In other news, graduate students in the humanities produce their own academic journal. The first issue of Postscript rolls off the press this month, containing six papers addressing topics from Milton's Paradise Lost to Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.