Papers & Presentations

(Nov. 28, 1996)

--At the Canadian Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD) conference hosted in June by the School of Physical Education and Athletics, several of the school's faculty members presented papers:

DR. COLIN HIGGS delivered New Found Horizons (the keynote address), and made a presentation titled The Commonwealth Sport Development Program: Two-and-a-half Years in the Eastern Caribbean.

DAVID BEHM presented a paper titled Resistance Training for Children.

DR. BASIL KAVANAGH presented Significant Others' Roles in Determining Elite Status at the Youth Sport Level.

A demonstration session about the Children's Movement Program was presented by HEATHER ROWSELL.

Health Education in a New Age was presented by YVETTE WALTON.

RALPH WHEELER presented A Conceptual Approach to Teaching Swimming Strokes.

DR. GREG WOOD discussed the Mennen Survey: Implications for Teachers and Teacher Educators.

VIVIENNE KUESTER made two presentations, one titled Come Experience Physical Activity and Disability, and the other a choreographed dance, What Happened to the Fisherman's Dream?

--Dr. Greg Wood, Physical Education and Athletics, also represented the Commonwealth Sport Association at a conference in Guyana, South America earlier this year. His presentation was titled Implementation of the Physical Education Curriculum.

Dr. Wood delivered a paper called International Initiatives in Physical Education Curriculum Development at Memorial's Educational Strategies Forum.

This past spring, Dr. Wood presented a talk titled Environmental Awareness through Physical Activity at the environmental awareness day held at R. K. Gardiner School in Sunnyside.

Dr. Wood has also written a paper, with G. Brockerville, for the provincial Department of Education, titled Adjusting the Focus: A Personal-Global Curriculum Framework for Physical Education.

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