Your Letters

(Nov. 28, 1996)

Musicians not mentioned

I wish to bring to your attention a glaring omission in the Nov. 14, [1996] front-page article We remember. The author, Gina Pecore, referred to most participants: Mr. [Titford], Dr. May, Glenn Breen, John Hounsell-Drover, Steve Dawe, the lieutenant governor, and Robert Mendoza. However, the most obvious (audible) group were not mentioned: the musicians.

These students, members of the Salvation Army Students' Fellowship, provided the music for the prelude, the processional, the vice-regal salute, O Canada, the hymn, as well as the Last Post and Reveille. Surely they deserve as much recognition as one who read a poem, or laid a wreath!

I wonder if such a ceremony would be possible without such musicians? Surely we do a disservice by failing to mention this vital aspect of such an event.

Maj. Orville Cole, Campus Ministries chaplain

Editor's note: We regret that we could not list everyone who contributed to the Remembrance Day ceremony. We agree that the contribution of musicians from the Salvation Army Students' Fellowship was invaluable.