Your Letters

(May 15, 1997, Gazette)

Kudos to writing report committee members

Your regular contributor, Ivan Muzychka, is to be congratulated on an interesting and coherent, factual report on student writing within our university [Senate endorses writing recommendations, April 24, 1997, Gazette.]

Dr. [David] Thompson's committee certainly did a good job, and the Senate took up the cause promptly and sensibly. As you know, the work of such a committee is arduous, time-consuming, and requires imagination. It is a pity that the names of the persons who contributed as committee members are nowhere to be seen in the Gazette report. Perhaps it should be an editorial policy that committee members for significant reports be identified. What do you think? I enjoy reading the Gazette as it appears.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ken Roberts

Professor emeritus, Basical Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Editor's note: Thanks very much for your letter. The Gazette tries to give credit where it is due, but sometimes we have a real space crunch. In the case of our coverage of the tabling of the report from the ad hoc Committee on the Teaching of Writing, we felt it more important to use the space we had to list all of the recommendations approved by Senate.