Crime Prevention Alert

(March 6, 1997, Gazette)

This monthly report is compiled from information made available by the Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP) unit. CEP is located in the Services Building on Memorial's St. John's campus, telephone 737-8561. At Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, the security office is Room AS-280, Arts and Science Building, telephone 637-6310. At the Marine Institute, Ridge Road, telephone 778-0456 to reach the security office.

Two juveniles charged with theft

On Jan. 14, a young male (under the age of 18) from St. John's was charged with three counts of petty theft and two counts of breach of probation based on campus incidents. The youth pleaded guilty to all of the charges. He was convicted of the September 1996 theft of three weigh balances from rooms C-4029 and C-4031, Chemistry-Physics Building, and of stealing two knapsacks from the Physical Education Building in October 1996. The youth was awaiting sentencing as the Gazette went to press.

Also last month, another juvenile male from St. John's was sentenced to 14 days in a youth corrections facility and 12 months' probation as a result of being convicted of petty theft. The youth was convicted of stealing a small amount of money and a purse from Room C-4000, Chemistry-Physics Building, in November 1996.

Insufficient evidence found

Last month the Gazette reported that on Dec. 15, 1996, at 2:37 a.m., burnt paper was discovered in a washroom (Room 425A) in Blackall House, Paton College; it was suspected that someone deliberately tried to start a fire -- or at least set off an alarm. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) investigated the incident but found insufficient evidence to lay criminal charges.

Incidents reported

The figures given below are based on the number of reports made to CEP during January 1997. Incidents reported do not necessarily result in criminal charges being laid; this depends on the outcome of an investigation.

Type of incident - January '97

Physical assault 1

Sexual assault 0

Accidents 5

Fire alarms 7

Disturbance 6

Vandalism 2

Harassment 2

Theft/attempted theft 12

Drug/alcohol 1

Trespassing 3


On Jan. 18, a female student was approached by an unknown male near the T-10 Building as she walked from the Student Centre to Paton College at 2:30 a.m. The man grabbed the woman's arm a couple of times, then disappeared when other people came into view. The man was described as being roughly 25 years old; five-feet, eight inches tall and blocky; having a few days' growth of stubble on his face; and wearing a white or beige baseball cap. Anyone seeing a man matching this description is asked to call CEP. At the complainant's request, the RNC was not called to investigate.

Three of the accidents reported in January involved collisions between vehicles, and subsequently, minor and moderate damage. Also, one a woman slipped and fell in parking area 9E and hurt her back and head. A second woman slipped and fell in parking area 15, and cut her knee and broke her arm.

Of the seven fire alarms to which CEP responded in January, only one involved smoke. On Jan. 4 the Engineering Building had to be evacuated when an electrical appliance left unattended burned a countertop and filled the building with heavy smoke. Fortunately no one was hurt.

On Jan. 16, a female student asking directions in the Science Building received unwanted attention -- and later, unwelcome telephone calls -- from an unknown male. On Jan. 17, a female employee was harassed and followed from the tunnels near the Science Building to the Music Building by an unknown male.

The items reported stolen in January included several winter coats, a VCR, a four-inch by three-inch black sculpture of a humpback whale, and a black AM/FM cassette player.