Gazette Flashback

(Gazette, March 20, 1997)

A sampling of university stories unfolding in Canada

25 years ago: Graduate students have new home

March 1972 -- The Graduate Students' Union (GSU) purchases a house at 112 Military Rd., St. John's, to provide accommodation for graduate students. The loan to purchase the house was obtained through Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation. John Reid, president of the GSU, said graduate students have had great difficulty finding accommodation. The new "Grad House" has four residence floors for graduate student married couples and singles, as well as a common room on the ground floor. The building also contains a basement apartment and a single room apartment on the ground floor.

In other news, a major seminar is being held by Extension Services to allow for an examination of film and videotape material created throughout North America. The seminar will offer potential practitioners exposure to existing film and tapes, as well as the techniques, problems and philosophies of the Fogo Process in Communication, which was explored and developed by Memorial in communities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

20 years ago: Festival Choir to perform Messiah

The Memorial University of Newfoundland Festival Choir is planning to perform Handel's Messiah, one of the most popular choral works ever written, on Palm Sunday, April 3. The 13-voice choir is made up of members of the Student Glee Club and the St. John's Extension Choir. The soloists for Messiah will be Lynn Channing, soprano; Patricia Harton, contralto; Paul Frey, tenor; and Alexander Tumanov, bass/baritone. The choir and soloists will be accompanied by the 35-piece Memorial University of Newfoundland Festival Orchestra.

Also, a popular new feature began in the Gazette this month. Dr. Frederick A. Aldrich's column "Sciencefare" kicked off with a discussion of a series of lectures by Dr. Ken Roberts, professor of cell sciences and physiology.