Journals at Memorial

(Gazette, March 20, 1997)

In addition to editing newsletters, establishing LISTSERVs, and writing books, reports and research papers -- faculty members, staff and students at Memorial contribute to the production of a variety of academic journals. They range in scope from the extremely technical and specialized, to those that can be enjoyed by a broader audience. Following are descriptions of three journals edited by faculty members.

Love all things Vergil?

Then you'll be interested in Vergilius. Now in its 42nd year of publication, Vergilius is devoted to everything that was written by, inspired by, or connected to the great poet, including poetry, myths, archaeology, art, religion, philosophy and history. This is the first year that Vergilius has been edited by Dr. Raymond J. Clark, Classics. Dr. Clark is aided by an international editorial board, whose members come from Canada, the United States and Europe. Vergilius is an annual publication of the Vergilian Society of America (founded in 1937), a far-reaching organization with more than 1,000 members -- including some 135 institutions -- from all over the world. Since taking up the editorship of Vergilius, Dr. Clark has redesigned the journal, and added a statement of scope. The latest issue, Volume 42: 1996, was actually published in January 1997. It contains articles such as Under the Volcano: Volcanic Myth and Metaphor in Vergil's Aeneid, by Patricia A. Johnston of Brandeis University; and Ovid's Debt to Vergil, by Herbert H. Huxley of Cambridge University; as well as other articles and reviews; and a bibliography containing 356 items related to Vergil -- an invaluable source for Vergilian studies research.

Passionate about physiology?

Dr. Penny Hansen, Medicine, is the editor of Advances in Physiology Education, a journal dedicated to the improvement of teaching and learning physiology, and the advancement of physiology as a teaching profession. Dr. Hansen took on the job four years ago, and is now in her second -- and last -- term as editor.

"This journal publishes peer-reviewed descriptions of new strategies for teaching, reports of education research, critical reviews of current educational practice, essays on physiology education, and articles that organize the content of physiology for problem-centred learning," said Dr. Hansen. "We also carry columns which provide reviews of textbooks and computer software, notices and reports of meetings of interest to physiology teachers, and abstracts of relevant articles from other journals."

Advances in Physiology Education is published twice a year, and occasionally an issue is dedicated to a special theme. Some of the theme issues Dr. Hansen has edited were on active learning in physiology and laboratory innovations. She said the journal serves as a forum to promulgate innovation in physiology education and to allow for discussion, "which can get very heated at times."

Fascinated by language?

Regional Language Studies -- Newfoundland is published by the Department of English Language and Literature, and edited by Dr. Graham Shorrocks. The journal was originally started in 1968 by Dr. W. J. Kirwin (now professor emeritus) and for many years had a close relationship with the research being done for the Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

"Today our aim is to promote the study of different languages and dialects, particularly English dialects," said Dr. Shorrocks.

Regional Language Studies contains articles relating to the folkloristic background of dialects. For example, the current issue includes an article by Dr. Philip Hiscock, Folklore, on the traditional taboo on the word "pig," which was believed to bring bad luck if uttered on or near the water.

The journal is published occasionally, as material and funding allow. About 400 copies of each issue are printed and distributed to subscribers around the world.

"Regional Language Studies promotes the study of the province's languages and dialects, but it also promotes Memorial as a university," said Dr. Shorrocks.

The journal is made available to high schools in the provinces to allow teachers and students to learn about local speech, as well as activities at Memorial.

In addition to working on a new edition of Regional Language Studies, Dr. Shorrocks is currently editing a reprint edition that will include composite indices of places, persons, topics and authors.

Editor's note: If you're a member of the university community who edits a journal that has not appeared in Journals at Memorial, please send a copy of your journal to Gazette, Room AA-1024E, Arts and Administration Building.