Gazette Flashback

(June 19, 1997, Gazette)

Remembrances of Memorial past...

25 years ago:

Royal Society of Canada meets

June 1972 -- Memorial welcomes delegates to the 90th annual meeting of the Royal Society of Canada. The society consists of about 600 scholars.

A meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Congress is also being held at Memorial this month, which is expected to draw about 150 delegates from across Canada.

In other news, Dr. W. D. Machin has been appointed dean of the Faculty of Science. As well, the Department of Biology has received a $4,000 donation from Carl Zeiss Canada Limited for biological control research under Dr. Marshall Laird.

20 years ago:

Associate dean of medicine named

June 1977 -- Dr. A. M. House is named associate dean for clinical affairs in the Faculty of Medicine, effective June 1. He will continue to hold his appointment as professor of neurology. Dr. House has been closely associated with Memorial's telemedicine experiment with the communications satellite Hermes, and he is studying the feasibility of using an interactive satellite system for the provision of continuing medical education to practising physicians in remote areas of the province.