Papers & Presentations

(Feb. 20, 1997, Gazette)

In January, DR. PATRICIA CANNING, associate dean of graduate programs and research in the Faculty of Education, presented findings from Special Matters: The Report of the Review of Special Education to an audience comprised of educators and parents. The session was sponsored by the Newfoundland Council for Exceptional Children. As author of the report, Dr. Canning out-lined key issues as they pertain to special needs education in Newfoundland.

DR. JEFF PARSONS and DR. KATHERINE GALLAGHER, both of the Faculty of Business Administration, presented a paper titled A Framework for Effectively Targeting Banner Advertising on the Internet, in a session on Electronic Marketing at the 30th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences on Maui, Hawaii, last month. Their research is aimed at developing strategies that allow consumers to be spared from exposure to advertisements for products they have no interest in purchasing, while allowing advertisers to reach only those consumers who are likely to be interested in their products.

Dr. Parsons presented a paper, An Experimental Investigation of Local versus Global Schemas in Conceptual Data Modelling, at the Sixth Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems in Cleveland, Ohio, in December 1996. The experimental results challenge conventional wisdom on the need for a common conceptual model in the design of databases.

DAWN JOHNSTON, TRACEY GREELEY, SHANNON LEWIS and FIONA HEALD, four honors English students, were invited to present papers at the Seventeenth Annual Undergraduate English Conference, held Jan. 31-Feb. 2 at Dalhousie University. Undergraduate English students from the Atlantic provinces and Maine, U.S., met to discuss academic work, essays, critical analyses and research papers, as well as original works of prose and poetry. The four papers presented were:

"When like desires and affections meet:" Sensual Imagery in Christopher Marlowe's Hero and Leander by Ms. Johnston.

"For straight and narrow was the way:" Reading Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene, by Ms. Greeley.

The Feminine Janus: Translations and Transmissions of the Loathly Lady Tale in Medieval Literature, by Ms. Lewis.

Spiritual Mothering in Gail Scott's Heroine, by Ms. Heald.

The students received partial funding from the office of the head of the Department of English Language and Literature, the Office of the Dean of Arts, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs and Services, and the Council of the Students' Union. Additional funds were raised by contributions from faculty members in the English department and from a bake sale.