Your Letters

(April 3, 1997, Gazette)

Reader sends a bouquet

Many thanks to the editor and staff of the Gazette for a fine publication. It is an excellent way to keep in touch with what is happening at MUN, and with friends you would otherwise lose touch with.

Patricia Moore, St. John's


Remembering the Faculty-Staff Club

Pam Frampton's article on the Faculty-Staff Club and the picture of club stalwarts Joan Sullivan and Tony Duarte (Gazette, Feb. 20, 1997) brought back many good memories. What a boon it was in its earliest days -- offering a much needed opportunity to become acquainted with colleagues from other departments and other faculties. Also an opportunity to interestingly (and cheaply) entertain visitors. More often than not there was great talent on hand for the later afternoon pre-prandial libations, I particularly recall (Prof.) Lorrie Thompson and his jazz ensemble.

When I returned to Memorial as an administrator after a five-year absence, I immediately rejoined the club knowing that it was the painless, pleasant way to keep in touch with staff and faculty colleagues. The dean of science, Peter Heald, and the dean of arts, Mike Staveley, shared this feeling and all three of us were regulars and made a point of inflicting ourselves on different tables.

But there was more to it than contacts, jovial volunteer maitre d' Tony Duarte imparted an informal spirit of cameradie that made it a most pleasant place to relax. And, when Joan arrived as manager, food and service improved mightily. I still remember the monthly specials as gourmet delights, and rousing parties at bargain prices. It was cheering to read that many of the old faithful are still on hand such as Roger Gordon, Cathy Penney, Gordon Jones, Bruce Shawyer et al. But it was disappointing to learn that patronage has fallen off drastically and the future looks bleak. I hope for Memorial's sake it survives because Mike Rochester is quite right when he is quoted as saying "It helps keep the juices of the university flowing."

Ward Neale, Calgary, Alta.