(April 24, 1997, Gazette)

Congratulations to two graduate students who won postdoctoral fellowships worth approximately $60,000 each from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. David Bright of Mount Royal College, Calgary, will pursue history research at Memorial; while Brian Steve Crocker, currently of Memorial, will conduct philosophy research here.

Dr. Ranjit Chandra, Medicine, is the 1997 winner of the Achievement Award in Preventive Medicine from the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM). The award is being given in recognition of Dr. Chandra's work on nutrition and the immune system. As the 1997 award recipient, on April 26 Dr. Chandra will deliver the annual lecture to ACAM's spring conference in Tampa. He will also give the first Linus Pauling Lecture on April 26 on Nutrition and Immunity: Pandora's Box.

Dr. Chandra has also received the following awards for 1997: the Grado Academica Honorifico cum Visitante Distinguido Ciudad de Medellin, Colombia; the Shearer Award, University of Western Ontario; the Council for Geriatric Medicine Award, International Gerontology Congress; and the Grado Academico Honorifico, Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid. And he has been elected president of the International Congress of Nutrition for 1997.

On March 13, Memorial's MBA Students Association held its third annual Managing the Future reception in the Business Building. It's an event which facilitates networking between members of the local business community and MBA students. The highlight of the event was the attendance of Premier Brian Tobin as guest speaker. The premier pointed out the achievements of the Faculty of Business Administration and saluted students for their success in business case competitions nationally and internationally. Peggy Coady, a member of MBA Students Association, said she welcomed the public recognition the premier gave to business students.

During the reception, Premier Tobin presented a framed advertisement from the Globe and Mail to the Faculty of Business Administration. The ad was part of the province's recent 'Think Again' campaign, and featured a picture of award-winning business students, and the slogan "Bright Minds in Business."

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council is supporting a Marine Sciences Workshop at Memorial University starting May 22-24. The workshop includes the marine sciences, oceanography, ocean engineering and aquatic sciences involved in large, fresh-water lakes. The workshop is to assess the current status of marine sciences at Canadian universities, to determine the objectives and logistical and infrastructure needs of Canadian marine scientists, and to recommend, in a white paper, avenues to facilitate achievement of the goals of the marine scientific community. Memorial is hosting this workshop through its Centre for Earth Resources Research. The organizing committee includes scientists from various departments on campus. Details of the meeting are available via the web ( For further information, contact Louise Green via email at louise@ or Ali Aksu at aaksu@sparky2.

Two Memorial University professors have been appointed to three-year terms with the Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Advisory Council (WERAC). Dr. Bill Montevecchi, Psychology, and Henry Mann, Biology, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, will work with other WERAC members to advise the provincial cabinet on the establishment of wilderness and ecological reserves.

Dr. David Tulett, professor of management science in the Faculty of Business Administration, is the Reform Party candidate for the riding of St. John's East in the next federal election. Dr. Tulett won the nomination over business operator Ben Crewdson at a meeting held April 12. A federal election call is expected soon.

On April 7, alumni from Memorial University were appointed to key positions in the provincial Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. Jerry Ward (B.Comm.) is the new assistant deputy minister (aquaculture). Mr. Ward has worked in the fish processing industry since 1980. His most recent position was president of Connors Brothers Inc. of Brocton, Mass. Glenn Blackwood has been named acting assistant deputy minister of fisheries. Mr. Blackwood holds an MA and a B.Sc. (honors) from Memorial. He most recently served as director of Resource Analysis with the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. Mr. Blackwood has been the provincial government's representative on the Fisheries Resource Conservation Council since 1993.