Crime Prevention Alert

(Dec. 12, 1996, Gazette)

This monthly report is compiled from information made available by the Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP) unit. CEP is located in the Services Building on Memorial's St. John's campus, telephone 737-8561. At Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, the security office is Room AS-280, Arts and Science Building, telephone 637-6310. At the Marine Institute, Ridge Road, telephone 778-0456 to reach the security office.

Incidents reported

The figures given below are based on the number of reports made to CEP during November 1996. Incidents reported do not necessarily result in criminal charges being laid; this depends on the outcome of an investigation.

Type of incident (November '96)

Physical assault 0

Sexual assault 0

Accidents 3

Drug/alcohol 1

Theft/attempted theft 24

Fire alarms 12

Disturbance 6

Trespassing 1

Vandalism 3

Other 2


The three accidents reported in November resulted in minor damage to vehicles but no injuries to people.

Only three of the 12 fire alarms to which CEP responded involved fire. Two started in outdoor ashtrays and were quickly extinguished (one at the Health Sciences Centre, the other at the Business Administration Building); the third fire occurred when gas from a vehicle's gas line spilled onto the hot engine as the driver tried to get his stalled vehicle started. The small fire which resulted was extinguished with snow.

One of the two incidents which appears in the "Other" category was indecent exposure -- a man exposed his penis to two female patients in wing 4 South A of the Health Sciences Centre on Nov. 28. The other incident stems from a complaint by a woman who spotted a man fondling his genitals inside his clothing in a stairwell at the Thomson Student Centre on Nov. 1.

Most of the 24 thefts and attempted thefts reported in November involved small items and/or personal property: knapsacks, hubcaps, a license plate, jackets, purses, wallets, a stereo and calculator, a wall telephone, cash, a video cassette recorder, and a vehicle's side mirror. Some of the more unusual thefts include 50 self-addressed, stamped envelopes taken from Room A-3129, Arts and Administration Building, on Nov. 21; $300 from an unlocked drug cupboard at the Health Sciences Centre on Nov. 28; a flute and piccolo worth a total of $1,650, on Nov. 10, which were later found; $200 worth of lottery tickets from the Health Sciences Centre gift shop, Nov. 14. On Nov. 5 $353.95 in cash was removed from a safe in a storage room on the second floor of the Science Building. There was no sign of forced entry. In addition, an 18-year-old male who is not a Memorial student was recently charged with petty theft and breach of probation after being caught taking a small amount of cash from Room C-4000, Chemistry-Physics Building, on Nov. 22.

Three episodes of vandalism were reported. The most serious incident involved Room G-2001 (the Combat Room) in the Physical Education Building. On Nov. 9, it was discovered that someone had entered the room, broken a light fixture, slit open wrestling dummies and scattered exercise mats around the room.

On Nov. 30, youths found using their skateboards in parking area 60 (the parking garage), were asked to vacate the property.

The drug/alcohol incident involved three males who were found drinking beer in the first-year labs at the medical school, Health Sciences Centre.

Alcohol was also thought to be involved in all six of the disturbances reported in November. The only incident not immediately resolved occurred Nov. 1, when a crowd of people gathered to watch two men involved in a fight outside the TSC. When asked to leave the area, the crowd -- numbering 70-80 people, moved to Paton College square. They were eventually moved on, and no one sustained serious injury.