Student view:

Carter hopes to strengthen GSU

By Yasmine Dannawy

On March 28 the annual general meeting of the Graduate Students Union (GSU) was held, and a new executive elected. Approximately 100 graduate students turned out to vote. All positions were acclaimed save for the president's position, which was won by Ken Carter, a student in the M.Phil. humanities program.

Kent Smedbol and Trevor Avery, who are working towards PhDs in biology, are vice-president (academic) and vice-president (properties), respectively. Peter Langdon, who is enrolled in the M.Sc. neuroscience program, is vice-president (communications) and secretary. Dwayne Goudie, an M.Sc. student in biology, is vice-president (finance). The newly created position of vice-president (social) is held by Kelly-Ann Gilroy, who is working towards an MA in French.

The GSU represents approximately 1,300 students and is concerned with several issues.

"We have two primary roles, one is social and the other academic," Mr. Carter told the Gazette.

The new president said he would like to see more interaction among graduate students through social events, and he pointed to the success of the GSU-owned pub, Bitters, located on the first floor of Feild Hall.

"The bar has given us a place on campus...we would like to see more students use the place though," he noted.

Mr. Carter hopes the creation of the new vice-president (social) position will also foster more socializing among graduate students.

In terms of academics, Mr. Carter wants to emphasize the need to fight cutbacks.

"Graduate students are an important part of this university. Their research is integral to the growth and development of Memorial," he asserted.

The new president is planning to meet with the Council of the Students' Union (CSU), which represents undergrads, to discuss cutbacks to post-secondary education.

"As a common front we will be more effective," he said.

* * * * *

In other student union news, the CSU at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook has a new executive. All positions were acclaimed except for that of the vice-president (academic), which was won by Sonya Parsons, a cognitive studies student from Deer Lake. Shawn Musseau, a political science major from Stephenville, is back as CSU president; Bill Penney, a psychology major from Corner Brook, is vice-president (union affairs); and Jason Noseworthy, also a psychology major from Corner Brook, is vice-president (external affairs).