Managing Competing Priorities
Despite your best planning, priorities often change and sometimes deadlines pass by. Learn how to manage competing priorities and demands, and accomplish more with your time.
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Managing Competing Priorities

Learn how to manage competing priorities and demands, regain control of your workday, and accomplish more with your time.

Managing Competing Priorities teaches strategies and explains tools which can be used in the workplace to guide priority planning and workload balance.  Participants learn practical skills to manage multiple projects, deadlines, and expectations to achieve better results.

The seminar uses facilitated discussions and interactive group activities to lead participants to a clear realization of the gaps between “how it is” and “how it needs to be”.  Participants will be challenged to validate their skill sets and commit to making changes that will provide more effective results.


For Individuals
  • Develop strategies to effectively organize work priorities
  • Manage workplace interruptions
  • Improve personal work efficiency
  • Understand how to interact with different personalities
  • Increase productivity
  • Learn practical management tools
  • Regain control of your workday
For Organizations
  • Promote efficiency and effectiveness among employees
  • Learn strategies to better manage project schedules and deadlines
  • Introduce techniques to improve organizational operations

Who Should Attend

Project managers, supervisors, team leaders, and professionals with expanding workloads, multiple projects, and tight deadlines.


Learn how to effectively manage competing priorities in the workplace through professional development in:

  • Understanding 3 major factors that influence work task priorities:
    • organization environment / culture (including strategy and goals)
    • personal tendencies / comfort zones
    • current workload - specific set of projects and assignments
  • Understanding the cumulative effect of individual work priority choices
  • Developing a personal strategy for more effective prioritization
  • Learning how to shift gears to balance existing and new priorities
  • Creating a plan to implement strategy, including ways to manage perceived obstacles

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7

Past Participant(s) Said

Encouraged me to standback and look at how I am curently spending my time and how to implement in my workplace. 

Past Participant(s) Said

I really liked the move away from the traditional "time managment" course. 

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